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Thread: Cloverdale, IN - WANTED - Jonas Heaton

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    Cloverdale, IN - WANTED - Jonas Heaton

    This guy is piece of crap - karma will kill him some day.... but in the meantime he still owes me another $2500.

    Anyone able to give me contact information regarding this clown that leads to the recovery of partial or full funds will be rewarded.


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    So to beat a dead horse..... I use to be in contact with Jonas Heaton III's father - Jonas Heaton Jr.....
    Come to find out he will now die in jail as a child molester....

    What a piece of shit.... the entire family. Still trying to locate his son - Jonas C. Heaton III. I know he was last in Indiana and he is trackable online under the handle "medic 1236", but I am lacking a phone number.

    Anyone who can help stands to be rewarded if I recover any of the $2500 left this "son of a child molester" owes me.

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    Vince,I'm not sure what to make of this,I don't know if this is a typo or what but check it out.

    Heaton, Jonas C., 45, of Flint; 14 years 2 months to 40 years MDOC for first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a person under 13 and second-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a person under 13, sentences enhanced due to habitual offender fourth status; Oct. 6, Fullerton.
    Found it here:


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    Unreal - thanks for the details.... I guess... sickening. Hopefully the other prisoners deal with him accordingly.

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    I got ripped off by a guy in the same town named Al Clevenger. I guess maybe it is a town full of @$##s.

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    I hate to offend anyone but Flint, MI must be full of shit bags. Excuse me if you are the exception as I am sure they exist - I sure hope!

    Flint, MI has a special unit to deal with consumer fraud. This it is called "Consumer Protection Services" - I recommend speaking with Det. Tom Lavine. He busted his ass for me to get a partial refund. I will prob call him to say whats up and discuss things after seeing the molester family pop-up.

    Good luck - search the web for this division in Flint. If you need help simply shoot me a PM.

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    I just did a face to face interview with him 30 minutes ago. I should have done my research first, No address on his resume but I have a partial address and a phone number if you want it.

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    Damn almost 8 years later!
    Problem is doesnt look like Vincef has been on here since 2012

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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