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    Well atleast we finally got a chance to hear his side of the story with a very thought out, well educated and written response. Hard to believe a guy who carries himself like this owns (well supposedly owns) such high dollar muscle cars he's advertising for sale @ $65,000 and $115,000. All I can say based upon my interpretation of him barely being able to read and write an educated response months after the original post to people calling him out is 'WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING?" You had a month to prepare a well written, educated and punctuated paragraph defending yourself!! At the bare minium, atleast one well written sentence someone can read and interept. The main thing I did find when I read between the lines was a sense of anger or pointing the finger blaming others for your misfortunate deeds. After reading the whole forum again, taking in everyones thoughts and posts, I can't see for the life of me how anyone could honestly defend you when you where caught red headed on video cameras using stolen credit cards. As for the moderators comments to one of the posters of not being able to afford the tires on hemigirls cars, my question is this? Did you take the time to read the forum and all the facts presented? Doesn't sound like he can afford his own tires!! I guess in my opinion his actions speak louder then words. I also thought the mission of a GOOD moderator is suppose to remain neutral? I can understand you having some concern with someone using two different names to possibly bash a seller, but did you ever think to consider maybe there is a family (husband, wife, children) that may use the same computer and server? I know my household only has one IP network. Just food for thought. In closing, I'd like to respond to Ralph's accusation of a motor never being switched. If you look at ad # 1355882 for a 1966 ProStreet Chevelle and contact the seller he'd be glad to share and discuss with you the truth about why his car has a fresh 496 motor in it. All in all, I wish everyone a VERY MERRY X-MAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Please feel free to share your thoughts and concerns of my post!! I'm not on here to bash anyone or create problems. Just here to share the facts!! Actually this will be my very last post. I have given up trying to save people time, money and grief without anyone stepping in and saying thanks for the info and we'll take it into consideration.

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    Well i don't think any of the moderators were taking sides, It is there seems to be alot against ralph, more than one person from different locations, It isn't really hard to do the math!! Now you must look from everyone's point of view that is on here, It really doesn't look to good.

    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    you been here for a month and your giving up already.and you only have 4 posts.dont seem like you tried too hard.stay alittle longer, try alittle harder, im sure youll get your just rewards.but i thank you i always like to read others opinons.

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