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Thread: How to clean Lexan windows?

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    How to clean Lexan windows?

    The rear lexan window in my car looks foggy. I think the previous owner failed at trying to clean it. Any tips before I just replace it? I use to use bleach on my jeep top windows. On Two Guys garage they showed a product that cleans lexan but I didn't catch the name of the product.

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    i use pledge.

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    If you can't clean it and you just want to get by until you get new one...wet sand it with 2000 and buff it. Sounds crazy but it works. It won't be crystal clear but it will look DECENT,,,MUCH BETTER than a grimey window,I had to do mine this way. Rear window was nasty and Also I got brake fluid on the drivers side window and it left a bleach white spot...sanded it out with a stick and 2000 and hit it with some finess it and you can't tell the spot was there.

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    I've used Kit car wax on different plastics with great results.
    There is a product called Plexus but I haven't used it on lexan.

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    Jegs sells a cleaner.. I have heard you can use old barmaids cleaner if yoiu find any, hard 2 find anymore..

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    You can wheel it out with light rubbing compound then wax it with the wheel like you are wheeling out a paint job. If it is not scratch resistant you can do this until you run out of windshield thickness. No kidden it works if you know how to wheel. I just have never used sand paper like tod74 but you may try that if need be?

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    If it's foggy looking, use 3M #39017 cleaner then use 3M 39010 polish.


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