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Thread: Schmidt 602" bracket buster

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    Schmidt 602" bracket buster

    Killer deal? Does anybody know anything about the heads?

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    Nothing wrong with Steve Schmidt by no means..

    but for the same money i had rather have a PAR 565ci making 1050hp.
    ( see below link BRACKET 565ci)

    lets see 602ci making 1,000 hp....565ci making 1050hp...same Money :!: .. ...HMMMMMMMMM :?:

    the 602ci looks a little on the LAME side on the HP end of things.

    in my ( Opinion) the 602ci should be a minumum of 1.5 hp per CI more then the 565ci if it were built with the same playing field parts 37 ci difference x 1.5 = in my head i think the 602ci should be in the 1100/1105 hp range .
    i would think maybe the difference could be in the heads...the brodix 3xoval port on the 565ci is a pretty dang good head

    i would say the 565ci would be alot better and MORE motor for the money

    Also do a little research on these Small BIG block (565ci) Egines they are wicked combinations if built right.

    thats why i went with one from PAR

    my 2 cents
    Good luck

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    Schmidt stuff is always on the low side of HP but runs like heck. IMO the schmidt is what I'd go with, i'd bet it'd make more like 1100-1125 on most other dynos.

    Not that I dont think PAR is good, just think that 602 will suprise ya.
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    I have never dealt with Steve Schmidt, but I have heard he does some good engine work. Would this 602 fall into the 1 year warrantee he has on his racing engines or does anyone know anything about it? Thanks.

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    Look at this web site this is a real hard hitting engine. I also put a comparison between the two. The Schmidt motor has RHS heads with stainless valves. And the Reher Morrison has 12% raptors with titanium valves and big difference in heads and or potential HP.
    Just a little something to look at. Everyone has they're favorites.

    Schmidt motor
    • Dart Block
    • Compstar 4.500” Crankshaft
    • Compstar 6.800” Rods
    • JE Pistons (.043"), (.043"), (3MM) Rings
    • Moroso Oil Pan & HV Pump
    • Billet Timing Gear & Roller Chain
    • Polished Aluminum Front Cover
    • R.H.S. Ported Heads And Stainless Valves
    • Manley Nex-Tex Valve Springs
    • Comp Cams Extreme Lifters & Push Rods

    • Comp Cams Ultra Gold Rocker Arms
    • Jomar Stud Girdles
    • MSD Distributor & Spark Plug Wires
    • Schmidt 1150 CFM Carburetor
    • Jomar Carb Spacer
    • Edelbrock Super Victor Intake Manifold
    • ARP Hardware
    • Fel-Pro Gaskets
    • Polished Logo Valve Covers
    .................................................. .................................................. ......
    Reher Morrison motor

    Dart “Big M” Cast Iron Block
    RMRE Exclusive Design 12° Raptor Heads
    RMRE CNC Installed Bronze Lifter Bores Sleeves
    RMRE CNC Porting & Anti-Reversion Technology
    4340 Forged Steel Internal Balanced Crankshaft
    4340 Manley H-Beam Rods w/ARP 2000 Bolts
    RMRE Spec Pistons
    RMRE Spec Ring Sets
    Clevite 77 “H” Series Performance Rod/Main Bearings
    RMRE Spec Steel Billet 7/4 Swap F.O. Roller Camshaft
    Crower/Isky Solid Roller Lifters
    Manley Billet Double Roller Chain Set w/Torrington Bearing
    Mallory/MSD Crank Trigger Ignition System
    RMRE/Moroso Wet Sump Oiling System
    ATI Internal Harmonic Damper
    RMRE Logo Valve Covers Sheetmetal/Billet Rail
    RMRE/Manley Titanium Intake & Exhaust Valves w/Titanium Retainers
    T&D/Jesel Shaft Mounted Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms
    RMRE Spec Single 4 Barrel Carburetor

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    PAR engines haul butt, Joe Gary's 4 link Racetech runs mid 4.6s in the heat on gas and has been 4.56. Oh it's a iron block 565


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    What is/are the maintainance intervals & costs maybe the 602 is softer on parts.

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    The 602 may be a little lower on hp but I bet it makes more torque which gets the car moving quicker. Steve is probably being conservative on the numbers plus you don't have to turn the 602 as high to get the power.

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