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Thread: novaman66n72 AKA Terry in Demotte, In.

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    novaman66n72 AKA Terry in Demotte, In.

    Life goes on....

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    How fast was you thinking that the 468 was gonna be in your 2900lb. car?
    It's true that the 468 is a Pig, But a TRUE 730HP SB WILL put a 2900lb. car is the 5.70 range in the Eighth mile with EASE, 630HP 406 put my 2900lb. car in the 6.0's at 110-111mph, 560hp in the same car ran 6.40 low .50's

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    You went from 560hp to 630 hp........a 70 horsepower gain...and picked up 5 TENTH's in the 1/8th????? In the same car???? :roll: :roll: :roll:

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottys
    You went from 560hp to 630 hp........a 70 horsepower gain...and picked up 5 TENTH's in the 1/8th????? In the same car???? :roll: :roll: :roll:
    And if you knew anything about dyno. #'s them #'s are peak, Between 5800-6500 power was a averge of 80 higher,Peak power on superflo with the flat tappet 406 and small carb was 6,900 the Alky Dominated,solid roller cammed 14.3to1 406 was still pulling to the 7100 mark when it was aborted as this was a Bracker engine not a twist it to the moon for a few extra HP combo., That engine in it's form came straight off the superflo and never was out of the car in 4+ seasons which amounted to over 900 runs NO freshen-ups, Simple oil changes every 50 passes for the sole purpose of Inspection for debris
    Same car,Gear,Convertor went from 10.30's to a best of a 9.63 at 136 this was turning a $850.00 Pro Topline Iron headed 406 at 14.3to1 a measely ass 7,100 rpm with 1.76 glide,33x15x15's 60ing 1.32-1.33's off the brake with a 4300 chip in two step, single 1050 APD Alky dominator and a tight 5,300 Coan convertor.

    The 12.5to1 flat tappet 468 with Unported 990 heads and a dinky ass little APD 800 Alky carb ran a best of a 9.72 at 137MPH in same car at 2960lbs. seeing a Max. of 6800
    This engine typically ran in the Mid 6.0's to low .teens at 111-112 in eighth mile.
    It does not take near the power of what most believe to run High 9's-low 10's, The 406 that ran 10.30's used the same carb off the 468 and came right out of a streetcar when the 468 lost a rod, Over 2K miles on it's clock at a measely ass 11.4to1 with a Cran Flat tappet 111431, Pocket ported Dart sportsman 2's fitted with 2.05-1.60 valves seeing a Max. of 6,800

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