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Thread: oil pump problems!!

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    oil pump problems!!

    ha sanyone seen a oil pump(M55) break off? It broke by the dail pin holes, the pump, screen, and oil pump rod was in the bottom of oil pan when I pulled it off. the top part of the oil pump was still attached to the block. It never made any noise, just noticed I had no oil pressure, and turned the engine off.Just wanting to know if anyone has had this happen or maybe what caused it. what it be good to go with a M55hv?

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    Melling has been having a lot of problems with their pumps breaking off. I believe you have to go with the select pumps for the good castings. They changed the std. casting to save money I guess. Go over to and do a search about it. Lots of info on them.


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    A friend of mine had a m55hv pump do the exact same thing. loaded it in the trailer ready to go and unladed the next week with 0 pounds of oil pressure..

    Melling is just going down the crapper from what I have heard...
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    Thanks for the replys. Just bought a new m55hv and gonna bring it back tomorrow.

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    oil pum

    check out these pumps there bodys are made from 4340 steel and they have billet gears, can get them from competion produts

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    P.M " US7RACE" on here or Motorsports Village...he has been through this problem more than once...not sure what he finally figured out but I think he did get it solved...

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    oil pumps

    check out these pumps from cvr they are made of 4340 steel for there housings and you can get them from competion products......

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    Hey..Thanks Todd I have had that problem.. ops:
    I kept replacing the pumps with the older thicker casting pumps and even a BBC HV oil pump it help up until the crankshaft twisted in Half.
    I believe what was happening was the crankshaft was cracked and causing a vibration in the motor.. It was a Cast steel crankshaft.
    Since then I have swapped to their recommended pump..
    And upgraded to a 4340 crankshaft. I think I put the cast one thru more than it's share of abuse and it failed it breaking off the oil pump was a sign and I didn't want to think that. If it was mine I would have the crankshaft magged and get one of these pumps. I use the 10552's.

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    Re: oil pum

    Quote Originally Posted by promod45
    check out these pumps there bodys are made from 4340 steel and they have billet gears, can get them from competion produts
    He is talking about the CVR pumps, both billet aluminum and cast steel. Scrap the Melling.
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    The best oil pump on the market is a titan oil pump!! Ed at edvanced engines has em for 1/2 price to rjer's Got 1 myself from him!David, ps he's having health problems and could use to make a sale ,his articles and address is on this forum David,

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