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Thread: Race car without title

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    Race car without title

    I am posting to ask your opinion if you guys would trade for a race car without a title. My car does have one. The race car is a certified chassis. I have just never traded without a title.

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    You have NOT gave us near enough information here.

    Is it a former street car converted to drag car ?

    Is it a fabbed race car such as bickle,suncoast chassis, etc...if so these do not come with titles.

    Anytime you buy a car you need to confirm best you can the car is not stolen, has no liens and last but not least to assure no-one can come back at a later date saying this is their car and you have to give it back cause they do have the title.

    Have Vin #'s run...and at a minimum get a certified Bill of sale no matter what kind of car it is.


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    My Nova has no title...I was worried about someone showing up saying it was theirs too so I had a friend who is a sheriff deputy run the vin to make sure it wasn't stolen. I thought about removing the vin plate all together or filing for a LOST TITLE.

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    No title

    Check with your Motor Vehicle Dept. They can tell you what you must do and if the state you are getting the car from requires a title to sell a vehicle. Get the VIN number if you can and submit it to the MVD to check to see if it is a stolen car. If it seems shady, skip it.

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    i ran into a car here for sale and the guy forgot to mention he had
    no title, well he was in ohio and im in tx, call the dept. of trans and they
    said it would cost 2-3 grand to make a titile from out of state, and
    it would be easier to get a copy made from the state it last had a title.
    the guy end up selling the car, which was nice, as a race car only,
    not to be driven on street, i think you could be asking for trouble
    with no title, yea it might come up stolen or a lein on the title 8)

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    It is a former street car made into a race car. I think I will just stay away, no matter how sweet the car is.

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    85% of drag race have no title. Its just how it is I wouldnt worry about it.
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    I have three race cars and only one has a title :!: :!:
    Head's up the true drag race!!

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    think about it very strong when there is no title with it..if you decide to sell it down the road it could be the deciding factor if it gets sold or not..i'm in NV. and here you can not buy or sell any type of car in NV. without a title.i know some states wants title and bill-of-sell and others only bill-of-sells..

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    Race cars don't have titles. Get a bill of sale youll be fine.

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