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Thread: Scammed By Kenny Esner Dallas, TX

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    Scammed By Kenny Esner Dallas, TX

    Purchased a 648 from Kenny Esner a few months ago complete (asking price of 25k)"Fresh he and Bruce said" and ready to go "He says".... (Bruce is his wack of an engine builder and crook also)Had to do some work to my camaro to get it in the car so it took me a while to get the setup in the car and going.... Setting lash on the motor and found 2 broke valve springs, so I ordered a new set of springs and replaced them all.... Finally got to go to the track with the car and tried to make a hit and the car never would run, popped bak thru the intake and got a burst panel... I decided to pull the thing down and take a look at what i had so i would know and be familiar with the motor... Popped the heads off and had holes on 2 of the intake runners where the stud came thru(vacuum leak, and possible pop problem) # 8 cylinder looked like someone took a grinder to the top of the cylinder prob .050 deep, there are 3 different size pistons in the motor, yes 3!!!! Upon further checking when i pulled # 1 and 2 rod cap off the crank is cracked!!!!

    So here is a list of the problems with the junk they both looked me in the eye and said was fresh....

    Lifters need replaced (pushrods came out of lifter holes and wore them)
    block is going to have to be sleeved
    crank cracked
    heads have holes on intake side
    3 different size pistons

    Kenny has more stuff for sale now and I want to warn any and everyone of the screwing i got from him.....

    Ad #1236283

    And the stuff he has for sale was in his burnt up car go figure......

    Ad #1236319 Take a look at the trans and u can see the fire discolored it...

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    Not to bust anyones Balls, But why would anyone these days take someone word on anything, especially a motor. Take the pan off and the intake it only takes 15 minutes and a couple of dollars in gaskets to put back together. Just My 2 cents There are way to many engines deals gone bad in the past 2 months on hear. Take note Check and double check and don't take anyones word, Time are tough and people say anything to get that dollar. IT SUCKS

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