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Thread: 4L60E help

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    4L60E help

    I have a 99 S-10 with 5.7L LS1 in it. It has a Raptor 4L60E coupled with it. A couple weeks ago, I was driving down the street and heard a loud clank, followed by some grinding. I immediately pulled over. Now, the transmission won't engage in any gear. Every gear (including Park) feels like nuetral. Any tips?? I haven't even been underneath it yet to look for myself. Work's been too crazy!!! Well, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, James

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    First pull the dipstick and look at the fluid! What color is it ?? Any metal?? Then drop oil pan to see if everything is in place like linkage, you never know it might be fairly simple??? GOOD LUCK, David.

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    Yeah, I checked the fluid right off the bat. Still as red as can be, not even a hint of brown, no metal flakes, no burnt smell. Haven't dropped the pan yet, but I hope to have time tomorrow after work. Thanks, James

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    I'd check the rearend first since park won't hold. Fire it up, put it in gear and have a buddy look under to see if driveshaft is turning.....sounds to me like ring gear or spider gears broke.

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    Had a similar problem with mine, it smashed the oil pump :x
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    4l60s will break the rear planet your gona have to take the trans apart older 4l60s used a 4 gear planet the newer ones now have 5 gears. you will have to change the low reverse piston if you dont have the 5 gear planet to make it fit give me a call we stock these parts here if you need them. i have seen this several times especially when your puttin some power to a 4l60.518 505-6536 junior. hope this helps

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