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    July 24, 2008

    Dear Mr. Jesse(if that’s your real name);

    I have been running a reputable business for over 11 years. I cannot believe what I have just encountered. A while after I purchased your product, but not received yet, I was advised by another business acquaintance if I can cancel the order. I asked WHY would I want to do that? Now I understand fully.

    We are absolutely STUNNED at what you people are doing over the ever powerful Internet. I can’t understand how you can run a business and it’s not your practice to issue invoices…..I now see what you are flogging in the market place.
    I now see I bought a Proform part #67209 with a “splashy” paint job. I see where you pry of the metering blocks(screw driver marks on top), give it your “Ceramic Kiln Baked Coating”(which has a BIGS thumb print on the top of the fuel bowls of both carbs), then install the custom decals and name plate(which I already peeled off in rage), then finally scribble down some numbers on your spec/flow bench card which you freshly run off your ink jet printer.
    I could have bought this PFM 67209 for just around $625.00 U.S.

    I may as well start repacking COMP CAMS in my own splashy packaging and advertise all over telling people that “WE” do all these custom grinds in house to your spec’s.

    This article will be very beneficial advertised all over the powerful Internet for all your customers and prospective customers to read…………..Don’t you think?
    I’m sure the Tax Man would be quite interested the way you conduct business also.

    This is now your new name BIGSCAM! Have a great day Mr. Con Man.

    If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call, anytime.

    Phone (306) 352-6320 or (306) 596-1610
    Fax (306) 924-5161
    E-mail [email protected]

    Thank You,

    Bernie Paul
    Precision Machine Works

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    The average guy is always impressed.
    They appear to be BIG E-bayers with good feed back. Everyone is impressed at how they put the carb on their motor and runs awesome. Well that's the way the Proform carbs are straight out of the box. I've sold lot's of the Proform carbs and components and all were very impressed with the "Straight Outta The Box" performance. I contacted Proform and they were not too impressed and are looking into it further. The Proform tech guy gave me all the standard spec's of the said carb and low and behold........guess what. EVERYTHING and I mean everything from jetting and 30cc pumps and .035 squirters right down to the 4.5 power valve was the standard Proform combo.
    Which personally with the cam I have I don't think it should even be having a power valve.

    To the average guy no one would know any different. Looks splashy, runs good............only difference is you are paying them $200.00-$300.00 for them to disassemble the Proform carb, paint it and reassemble it. Add a few decals and people are WHOOOO HOOOO great product.

    I want everyone to know about these donkeys so they don't get burnt.
    Next step is to contact the IRS and see what they think of their business practices.

    No invoices issued.
    When I asked them to at least scribble a bit of a bill of sale and fax it to me. They quickly replied...........We don't own a fax machine.
    What the........

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    They are Ebay sellers so by default wouldn't you get an invoice from Ebay??

    I almost went with their carb, called BIGS and they seemed to be legit and know what they were talking about.

    My engine guy advised to go Proform or BG - they are main stream and have proven performance. My BG Mighty Demon is a beautiful thing.... glad I listened.

    Hate to hear they might be relabeling a Proform carb. They have a website - Tell them to come clear their name and present the facts.

    I would like to see their manufacturing and testing process...... should be easy enough for BIGS to post a video up here to offer proof.

    If handled properly they could "right the ship" and gain some customers here....

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    Yeah but I didn't purchase through E-Bay. I called them directlygiving them all the spec's on my combo. HP, CID, head flows, cam, converter, tranny, gear, tire, weight, trans brake rpm, shift rpm, etc. Which is all the stuff they asked for. I assume they do this to make themselves look legit and professional like all the big professional carb builder/tuners. They claim to put the carb on a flow bench and tune and wet test to your combo. I call bull shit.
    They are a total joke.
    They carb I carefully opened up and inspected closely and is nothing more than the 1050 Proform with 4150 base configuration. We have and sold many Proform carbs and parts and can compare the indentical carbs and parts. All they do is disassemble the Proform carb and add some color on the bowls and main body then reassemble.........then grab your money. Actually no they grab your money first. They claim to be custom configuring these carbs to your combo. Bull the two carbs we ordered should never have had any power valve in at all with the type of cams we're running.
    Power of the internet..................nice pictures and lots of B.S. to make it look like a BIG outfit.

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    what a joke if that is the case... if the jetting, powervalves (I agree, you probably don't need one on the carb), sqirters, acc pumps are all the same, etc... what is it excatly that they (bigs) are doing??? I am not an expert, but if the main components are Proform stock parts, then I would think Bigs has some explaining to do... those components are the tuning basics of any carb, so if they are the same, they must be putting pixie dust on it.

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    Still haven't heard any reply back from them since "The Cat's Outta The Bag". Go figure.

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