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Thread: Turbo questions

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    Turbo questions

    I have a 94 Z28 with a new forged 383 installed. I was planning to run enough n2o to get this heavy weight into the 10's.
    I have decided to go turbo charged. I bought a Garrett Volvo charger that is .66 a/r compressor 1.19 turbine the exducer is 94 mm. the turbine wheel exducer is 86mm.
    My plan is to install the turbo at the muffler under the gas tank like STS. The kit requires no intercooler as the long run cools the air on the way to the engine.
    This is going to be the next stage of the poor boy build up, I am going to need piping, bov, wastegate, electronics, boost control.
    1. What size piping?
    2. Wastgate what size brand ect.
    3. What size BOV and brand
    4. What eleectronics are required. [ I have a MSd digital6]
    5. What boost control.
    I have made my way through a 9" ford fab and install, roll cage, frame connectors , engine build, adjustable lower links, panhard bar, torque arm 255lph fuel pump.
    If you can get me headed in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

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    what is the static compression on the engine?
    how much hp do you want to make?
    is it injected or carb?
    pipe size should be as large as possible
    waste gates are rated at cfm so you would have to know how much boost you are going to push.
    alot to think about.
    pushing a bunch of volume in there requires some computer controll of ignition, injectors, etc. otherwise it will detonate and go boom.

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    Static compression 9.8
    I think I can get around 700HP with 10 pounds of boost.
    Car is injected 42# injectors, forged 383, 255lph fuel pump , adjustable fuel pressure gauge.
    Yes I understand and my knowledge base is 0. Someone suggested to read Maximum Boost, I am reading it right now.
    I am still debating whether the turbo should go in the front or rear. Cost is always an issue, but I think I can get it done with a price I can live with.
    I was able to get through the 9" rear fab and the engine build with a lot of advice here and elsewhere.

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