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Thread: Cam selection, cam guru's help

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    Cam selection, cam guru's help

    I am wondering if I have the right cam for my application.
    the engine: 436 cid ( 4.165 bore 4" stroke ) with heads that flow 355 cfm intake at .700
    cam I have:
    intake lobe l. .450 / 278 duration
    exhaust lobe l. .450 / 284 duration
    rocker ratio 1.6
    106 lobe speperation
    Alcohol injection
    Drag only 1/4 mile
    2350 lb car
    gear 4.56 w 30" tire
    anybody have any idea?
    compression static 14.7-1

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    way to small of a cam,my 388 had a comp 670 lift cam with 4/7 swap & it made alot of power. you have more motor than i think to do is to call your favorite cam company tell them what you have & they will set you up.of coarse one of these guys on here could help you to there are some pretty smart fellas on here.good luck.

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    I am not a cam guru, but with that cam you are looking at .720 rocker arm lift. I am guessing the duration is at 50. I ran a cam very similar to yours in my 434 in our Super Street Nova and it worked great the car was 2850 pounds and ran a best of 9.44 @ 143 mph with 4.86 gearing...

    I hope this is helpful...
    Josh VanHorne

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    You will want about 6000 stall, turn it 7500ish and should run very low 9's at least, maybe some high 8's. Cam should be fine if you have the springs and pushrods to handle it.
    Mark Whitener

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