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Thread: Need to ID Mustang II Brakes and hubs

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    Need to ID Mustang II Brakes and hubs

    I have a Mustang II front end. It has what appears to be Ranger wheels and brakes (5 bolt).

    The calipers are missing. There is little clearance between the rim and disc for a caliper. This may be why the calipers where omitted, there may not have been room.

    1 Where some Mustang IIs made with 5 bolt hubs?

    2 What brake diameters and offsets were available?

    3 How do I order the right stuff?

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    There was never a mustang II with factory 5 lug wheels. The pinto front end was the same and they were all 4 lug too. A popular swap was to use ranger rotors but you had to machine the diameter down to make them work. You can buy aftermarket 5 lug rotors for that front end that will bolt right on. You can get them in both ford and chevy 5 lug patterns. check with street rod parts supplier.

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    Thanks Gearhead! I am hoping to use some factory calipers to avoid expensive aftermarket parts.

    Actually I was hoping to machine the outer diameter on the discs I have to fit some factory calipers. I have a mill, lathe, etc.

    I will add some measurements for the people that may come to this post for brake info.
    I measured some factory Mustang II rotors. They are 9 5/16" outer diameter, and about .9" thick. The offset is approx. 1.5". the O.D. of the "hat" is about 5.79".

    I am aware that I may have Granada rotors.
    For conversions using 11 inch Granada discs, with GM calipers, I believe people use pads with a small spacer welded on the back. The GM calipers use an adaptor that costs $110 from Heidts.

    Mustang II Disc Brake Conversion Kit From Heidts

    These kits use the 11” rotors with a variety of caliper combinations. Kits are available as a bracket kit only or as a complete kit including calipers and rotors.

    * GM kit uses ‘73-’76 Chevelle Rotors (4 3/4” BC) & ‘78-’84 Chevelle Calipers.
    * Ford kit uses ‘75-’80 Ford Granada Rotors (4 1/2” BC) & ‘78-’84 Chevelle Calipers.
    * Billet Caliper Brake Kit uses Wilwood Polished Billet Four Piston Calipers

    If any of you have Grenada or Ranger disc conversions, I would appreciate the disc measurements so I can figure out what rotor to use.

    I am assuming a Granada caliper is not a bolt-on to a Mustang II. Am I right?

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