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Thread: Ignition problem

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    Ignition problem

    I had more ignition issue's at the track tonight. First off I put in a Brand new MSD Pro Billet Distributer. I go to the track and would not even launch missing like crazy giving it more than 1/4 pedal. I changed the distributer back to the Junk one no help. I did some voltage tests..
    While the engine is running I checked the coil's Positive side it showed less than a volt even in the negetives..I checked my friends everything the same and his shows 3-12 volts it varies as the engine is running his car runs fine. So I then ohmed and did volt checkes on the wires all seemed ok. I then found another 6al box hooked it up...Same issue.
    So I get home and decide to hook it all up outside the truck with new wiring so I could see it all work and recheck the coil voltage. Get it all hooked up pretty well and got a good jolt from it then since then Nothing. I can't even get the box to click when I turn it on (hook up the hot power on wire). I am guessing it may have blown an internal fuse? What the heck is wrong with my ignition system?

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    They do have a fusable link/fuse in them....I unhooked a battery once while car was running and this caused an alternater surge which killed the ignition...sent it to msd and they fixed it...they are the ones who told me about alt surge and fusable link.

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    Your ignition problems are most likley caused by what the MSD guys call Noise. It happens when you use an unsheilded trigger wire and run it near a high voltage wire, the magnetic lines of force that eminate around the hot wire soak into the trigger wires and confuse the signal. Use a sheilded wire and route far away from any power sourse,
    Now the reason you are not getting any spark from it on bench test could be as simple as a good ground to the box.
    Also, remember to run a good ground to the MSD from the Head of the car. It makes sense as you are sending voltage thru the plugs, screwed into the heads.

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