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Thread: Head experTs PLEASE !

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    Head experTs PLEASE !

    I need some advice on a set of heads I had sold to a friend of mine. We intstalled them on a sbc, they are pontiac 867's and reported by Self racing. They have big block springs at 1.640 size.
    Problem is, the spring pockets are cut to bearly fit the springs and after running the engine a few times we found some aluminum tiny shavings from the springs brushing against the aluminum head, it does not look like they were gouging but rubbing.
    the rear part of the head where the rocker stands are the closest and highest part where the springs contact.
    has anybody experianced this and what would happen if I just let the springs settle in there. I know more debre but what about spring bind at high rp and other mproblems. this is a 700 hp plus sbc.
    Need advice as soon as possible.

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    i would have the spring pockets opened up more,because it could cause coil bind,change spring pressure,hang the valve open,bend valve,possibly where a hole in the head,not to mention get metal shavings in your engine.with that kind of spring pressure,hp,etc. better safe than sorry cause if it can go wrong it will.good luck

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    i put spring cups under all my springs on alminum heads just for that reason, good luck

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    I had sent these heads off to self racing to fix that problem.
    I tried to use a spring cutter on my own to make the clearance and found I went a bit too wide as I was going to use a spring cup, the cutter got a bit too much into the intake port and had to be fixed. I only did one head.
    So I sent it to them to fix the problem on both heads. Well they did weld up the other head and re ground it, but did nothing to the other one, just reinstalled the springs. I also had them do thier Port Intruder modification, and a 5 angle valve job and flow bench test.
    Not sure what I can do about this, they had my heads for months and I do not want to send it back to them.

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