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Thread: Need Glide Help---trashed planetary

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    Need Glide Help---trashed planetary

    I am new to Powerglides, but need a little advice. I just found my planetary gears ripped apart and in a million pieces. I have a 2700 lb full chassis door car, with a 705 hp BBC. This Glide has the turbo input shaft, I guess stock planetary as they are NOT straight cut gears. I know a complete dissassembly is in order, but will I need to replace my converter.
    And what would be your suggestions to parts to put back. I will probably stop building the motor at 1200 hp. by the time I'm done. Thanks in advance .

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    by the time you buy all the parts to handle 1200hp you would be better off buying a complete glide to handle what you want and it would be cheaper,yes you need to at least send your convert off & have it checked.(better safe than sorry).good luck

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    Buy good planetaries, and the converter will need to be cut open and inspected.
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    The powerglide has two different ratios that are stock. One is the 1.82, which is the light weight version (I broke a set on a 2800lb car running 10.00's). It has a stamped steel planetary housing and the input shaft measures 12 5/8" long. The second version is stronger and it is the 1.76, which has a thicker cast planetary shell and the input shaft is 12 7/8" long. I have run the 1.76 version in a 2650lb car that ran 8.90's. What finally broke it was when the rear gear broke and locked up the rear end, the output shaft of the planetaries was twisted off, but the gears were still fine. I now have the 1.80 straight cut gears and they cost about a 1000.00 several years ago.

    What ratio was your gear set? Usually the one that breaks at that hp level is the 1.82, because the 1.76's can handle a good amount of hp (not the 1200 but usually 800 or so).

    Yes, you will want to send off your torque converter and flush your trans cooler and lines.

    Bill M

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    Definatly use a 1.80 straight cut gear set with forged output shaft. You proberly had a 1.82 cast gear set.
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