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Thread: OHIO SALES DOWN WHY???????

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    I dont know about the rest of peaple in OH but sales are down If you look at listings even them are down we probably have the best deals going, I understand we are in the automotive zone which is down but pertaining to sales, peaple here cant give things away????maybe I should send my items south???were there is alot of activaty, I watch adds buy day and sale that are made and I know there has been a few bad eggs in OH but not all peaple in OH are bad, just wondering anyone in oh haveing problems as well??????????Have A Good Day Mikkey :? :? :? :? :?

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    I think its just everywhere sales are down. Being from your area I know many arent buying much right now due to the economy being the way it is. Its racing season right now for a lot of people in the country and money just doesnt get spent like it does during the winter. If it was the winter I'd snatch of them 454 blocks you have just to have but at this point racing is more important, with gas prices being high it cost double what it used to which means less spare parts to be purchased for me.

    good luck


    ps .. Mike is a good guy to deal with !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vegaswheelsup
    GIve it up!!!
    Its all fun and games till someone loses a nut!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegaswheelsup
    Dude...what are you doing later tonight? Going to a klan meeting?

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    The shop business is up like you would not believe. The only thing that we have not moved has been the latest dragster. I have helped move a couple buddies cars but not our personal car. I think some of the deal is the fact that used car prices, as far as dragsters, are being pushed down by the manufacturers having to drop their prices to push inventory. But like Dave said, Ohio sales are just following the trend of everyone else.

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    I havent really been selling much of anything either and I think what I am selling is priced pretty fair.

    Shawn I know what you mean, I took a beating on my dragster. I traded at a price that was about half of what I had in it. I just wanted it gone, I am a door car kinda guy.
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