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Thread: people keep changing their user names

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    people keep changing their user names

    i have noticed alot of people on rj that keep changing their user name every so often. here around me anyway. i see this as dishonest dealing people i may be wrong. but the ones that i am seeing this out of trade alot. one i did deal with that left alot out when telling me about the item. maybe he didnt know but seeing how many times he has changed his user name im thinking that he probably did and has traded that way a time or two. what do you guys think about the people doing this?
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    I agree with you. The internet provides TOO MUCH annonymnity for people and encourages criminal and unethical behavior. Can you imagine what credit would be like if you could just change your name whenever you wanted to.

    If I ran a website, you would have to register and have your information verifired and kept on file. If you needed to change your name due to a problem of identity theft or something like that then, it could be done, but you would still be able to trace the internet names to the real person. It would help cut down on internet porn, child molestation, etc. My brother works in law enforcement and tracking down internet scumbags is a real chore.

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    I was going to change my user name since we changed the business name. We used to be 66 Signs and Shirts but changed to Crossbones Motorsports this spring. simply because we now sell helmets, firesuits, scooters and all kinds of other things and the old name doesn't fit. But I didn't change my user name because I felt it would seem dishonest to others. Now on other sites I go by Wanderer (plate on my motorcycle), '32 bantam (my new racecar), biker, long dong silver(jk :lol: ) Just seeing if your still reading.

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