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Thread: all sorts of problems!!!!!!! need much help!!!!

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    all sorts of problems!!!!!!! need much help!!!!

    I am having problems with either the fuel setup... or the ignition, I think. (maybe even timing chain?)
    Starting out... car weighs 3600 lbs, was going 12.15's
    I installed a fuel pressure guage and noticed my fuel pump was only putting out 3 psi through the trap...
    installed a new fuel pump (mechanical) and it flows plenty and it regulated down to 6 psi currently. When first intalled, it flowed so much fuel, it was shooting gas 6 inches out of the vent tube. Got this to stop by backing off the pressure and making an adjustment on fuel bowl levels.
    1st trip to the track with this setup, car ran good enough to destroy my rear end. This has been replaced.
    Now, here are the symptoms(all new problems)....
    1) starts really hard and has to crank quite a bit.
    2)will not idle for more that 20 seconds
    3)completly blackens and soaks brand new plugs in 2 minutes of running
    4) backfires and pops during acceleration and deceleration
    5)sluggish revving up
    6) smokes out the tailpipes and runs extremely rich
    here's the thing, when I put new plugs in, all of this stops... no smoking, idles fine,
    runs strong, plugs only very slightly darkened.... shut it off start it back up, everything comes back... plugs are fouled out everything runs like crap.
    have msd 6al and pro-billet with 50k volt coil.
    jets are same since changes made bowls are set right.
    any help would be greatly appreciated

    383 stroker w/th400

    Intake Manifold: weiand team g
    Plane Type: Single Plane
    Intake Carburetor Mounting Flange: Square Bore
    Deck Height: Tall Deck

    Carburetor Brand: demon
    CFM: 850
    Carburetor Mounting Flange: Square Bore
    Transmission Type: Automatic
    Overdrive: No
    Fuel Pump Brand: holley
    Gallons per Hour (GPH): 210
    Pounds per Square Inch (PSI): up to 14.... currently set at 6 psi
    Fuel Line Size: 10 AN


    Cam Brand: comp
    Valve Lift Intake and Exhaust: .643/.652
    Advertised Duration: 306
    Lobe Separation: 106
    Camshaft/Lifter Type: Solid/Mechanical Flat
    Computer Controlled: No
    Emissions Legal: No

    Compression Ratio: 12.5:1

    Cylinder Head Brand: Dart
    Cylinder Head Material: Cast Iron
    Combustion Chamber Volume (CCs): 64cc
    Intake and Exhaust Runner Volumes (CCs): 225cc
    Intake Valve Size: 2.08
    Exhaust Valve Size: 1.60
    Port/Polish: nope
    Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.6:1

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    I don't think so..... I can see the level in the sight plug, i tapped on it just in case, how would I know for sure if it's stuck?

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    with the fuel pump on and the engine off check and see there is fuel trickling in the engine threw the Venturi Booster .

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    Something is up with your regulator I bet, all these problems came after you installed that Hi pressure pump and regulator.
    Its either faulty or set wrong.

    Make sure your regulator is set between 6 and 7 psi and no more.
    With a mechincal pump I always did this check with the engine reved up a bit , about 2500.
    Also make sure the float level is below the sight plug not even with it, no fuel should come out when you remove the sight plug, lower the float level till it just barely comes out when you shake the car.
    Hope this helps, Charles
    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    I agree with many things listed here as well. However; don't forget to look closley at the combo of pump & regulator. Some Holley regulators are not designed to be used with manual pumps- such as 12-704 regualtor which is designed for a "Volumax" style electic pump. If not, some regualtors will create excessive fuel pressure & flood like hell. Good luck!

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    Thanks guys for the suggestions..... when I first fired the setup with the new pump and the bowls were not set right, the extreme pressure bent the float. It's now fixed and I will be out at Great lakes dragway this evening!!! Good times!!!!!!

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