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Thread: Way to (legally) get results if scammed or how I got results

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    Way to (legally) get results if scammed or how I got results

    Here's the scenario; you send somebody money for something and they never send you what you bought. (this happened to me and this is what I did)

    What to do;
    You contact the Police in the town where the company/person is located or where they took your money/cashed your check. You tell them you want to charge the individual with "theft by deception". If its over $1K, its a felony with potential of 5 years prison. There's also "Internet Fraud" and "Mail Fraud" but I found the deception model easier to persue. My local Police Dept. has a Officer assigned to "Internet Fraud" only.

    Make sure you have all necessary documentation and send it to Police. If the Police tell you its a civil matter, stand your ground and insist you want to swear out a phone complaint. If you have to, ask for their Captain or Chief or go to the town or city District Attny. Don't take no for an answer and make sure they file a Police Report, ask for a copy or access to it. If that doesn't work, contact your local Police, explain the situation and ask that they prepare a report/complaint and send that to the Town. That Report stays with the person and if they do it again the Police/Courts will be more apt to take action.

    Most likely the Police will visit the person charged which may scare them enough to get your money back. If it doesn't be prepared to persue the matter and force the Police to take action. Remember, "the squeeky wheel gets the grease" and Good Luck.

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    Fraud by deception

    Any way I can contact you regarding your position

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