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Thread: alright heres all the rides ive had over the years

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    alright heres all the rides ive had over the years

    here they are heres the dragster i started out with
    1930 ford roadster 377 SBC 10.30's on motor

    i traded the roadster roller for roller for this
    1972 AMX javelin 377 SBC (from the roadster)10.40's and weighs more than the roadster

    heres my dragster that i traded the javelin for the dragster roller,roller
    1999 hardtail 225" dragster 377 SBC from the (roadster and javelin) 9.30's 141 mph

    i ended up getting a new tranny for the dragster and forgot he had it on race junk we were doing 9.35's off of foot brake so he bought a linelock tranny and forgot he had it on racejunk and ended up selling it for $15,000 and bought this car 1965 chevelle street legal drag car 396 BBC 11.20's off of transbrake no nitrious all motor 3400 pound car 10.5 tires

    then i sold that and got this. 1979 camaro Z/28 350 SBC tubbed drag car low 12's also street legal had a horn

    i sold that for like $10,000 and bought this for $7,000
    1974 camaro Z/28 355 SBC street car drove it to work rain or shine did a best of 12.80's bought a brand new nitrious kit edelbrock for $200 off of ebay installed it and sold it for i belive $12 or $13,000 cause he put some money into er

    and heres my friends monte carlo drag car BB454 does low 12's weighs like a boat anchor for a yacht (4,000)

    pics of the vega tommrow

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    See what You started Hammer. :shock: That 30 looks like my 27 with the fenders sawed off. :lol: Nice rides,TC

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    You have had some nice cars!!

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    i like the ole javelin... 8)

    2 Sundays ago i was running at shadyside and one of the mccorkle brothers was there in his AMC...shifting those gears...

    one of them died ..i think it was Randy but i am not positive..

    i like old stuff like this..i am a BIG FAN of the FLOPPER cars of the 70's..this was classic match box stuff when i was younger...


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    Javelin is nice!!Love the Monte,too.Don't see enough of that body style fixed up!
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