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Thread: CONMAN - Ty Lofstrom @ TLI Racing engines in Medina Tx

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    CONMAN - Ty Lofstrom @ TLI Racing engines in Medina Tx

    I advise anyone NOT to deal with Ty Lofstrom @ TLI racing.

    I am running ads under engines at the moment to try and warn people about him - he does advertise on here !

    I first found out about him on this site late last year with an ad stating - FRAUD by another guy who was onto him. That was after it was too late though, he already had my money.

    After doing my homework, i found to be one of many who were in deep financially with TLI. This guy will promise you the world, until he has your cash and it will end with a partial, incomplete engine long after your money is handed over.

    What follows is my ad #1178177 and and one of the replies to it , this one from a guy in Norway. I also know several other people who are in the red with Lofstrom and will glady give thier names and contact numbers out.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Anyone affected is also urged to contact the Bandera county sheriff George Wintle on 830 796 3771 as he is well aware of TLI racing.

    Please read the below as follows

    After paying an 80% deposit and waiting 7 months for this engine, it was removed from TLI Racing by myself, with the help of the Bandera County Sherriff.
    To be completed in the 1st week of March 2008 as promised by Lofstrom, after 3 more weeks of lies and excuses while i was in the US, it was still incomplete and unable to prove itself on his dyno due to incorrect parts and faulty workmanship - hence it was removed from his primitive premises in Medina Texas which are far from what they appear on his website.

    When ordering an engine through Ty Lofstrom, you will see his website to seem very professional and his emails thorough on your build.Once he has your money though,it is a different story and you will realise what he's all about after it's too late. My dealings are not isolated, there have been well noted numerous bad dealings with him concerning other customers and i urge anyone thinking of having an engine built to take thier hard earned cash elsewhere. Check out TLI Racings profile on the San Antonio Better Business Bureau's website for further proof !

    This engine is now back in Australia and up for sale. It is undyno'd, missing water bypass plugs from the bottom of the cylinder heads - need to be fitted when using Cleveland style heads on a Windsor block,incorrect flexplate, incorrect cylinder head gaskets fitted, requires correct crankshaft spacer for lower pulley and fabricated water crossover lines. Holes have been drilled and tapped in the rear of the heads after the engine was assembled, they will need a thorough flush when removed. Comes with a 950 Holley built by his other world famous company - TPC Carbs !

    It is now boxed in a solid timber crate i paid to have made in LA, as the weak stand made by TLI racing in this photo was not fit for transport, so much for the $150 crate he was paid for !

    Supposed to make a minimum of 600hp as quoted, it needs to be completely stripped, repairs made and thoroughly checked before it see's a dyno.

    Owes me $15,000 US plus freight, selling as is, make an offer or contact me for further information on dealing with TLI Racing.

    Subject: TLI Racing
    Re: Ad #1178177
    Message: Hello.

    My name is Kjell Finserås. I'm from Norway and I have also a very bad experience with TLI.

    More than ONE Year ago I ordered a EFI 408 cid / 600 hp Mopar engine, 727 transmission, rear axle and a LOT of other parts. In total an order of USD 32k! Still I haven't received the parts in Norway. Ty have given me/us a lot of excuses - from the weather conditions to more "serious private family matters". I use a charterer in Tennessee as my US shipping address and the rear axle, motor and tranmission have now arrived there. But still a lot of parts are missing. I also fear about the quality of his work. Also - it's no longer a EFI motor as I got some vague explanations regarding how "delicate" this system (BigStufff3) was and that he had a lot of difficulties in order to get the right sensors etc. I interpreted it as he was having problems so I suggested that he should remove the EFI and set it up with a carburettor. I also received a movie form what he claims is the dyno of my engine - who knows what to belive any more.

    I think someone should put this cheat out of business. This great hobby does not need this kind of supplier. Also every major car magezine should get this info and it should also be posted on the www.

    Kjell Finserås
    [email protected]

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    We got taken by him for the tune of $12 grand. After numerous phone calls, emails, and so on we got the same excuses he has been giving everyone. Wife has cancer, wrong parts, UPS lost the parts, and so on. We finally got the sherrif's office, FBI, Marshals, and anyone else that could help involved. It took us many months to get a parcial completed block, empty heads, and a junk intake. We paid for a turn key, dyno tested 427 FE. The only people that really helped us was the DA's office down there. Stay far far away from Ty, he is a real piece of work!

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    That is a awful shame guys!!!It takes a real ass to do people that way..
    I have been building motors for people for 35 years and would not dream of treating people like that...If I can do anything to help please don't hesitate to call....I build mainly Mopar motors, but have also built a ton of Chevy's and ford's...also a lot of AMC stuff... NO IMPORT MOTORS....

    Jim Johnson
    Pop&Son Performance Racing Engines
    Reynoldsburg, Ohio..43068
    [email protected]

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    I also know of 3 other cases, i'm sure there are more out there Ty has in his skeleton closet :

    1 - A guy in Japan has just only recieved a partial 351 Cleveland motor after paying $14 grand and waiting well over 12 months, this too was ordered as turn key ! This engine, by the way, is still in LA as they let him off with pre - paid freight to Japan just to recover what they could.

    2 - John at CHI heads in Melbourne Australia sent Lofstrom 3 sets of 3V heads and intakes to him and TLI's website still reads "Premium" CHI Cylinder head dealer....Truth beknown, it took John 8 months and legal action to get the money from the a$$hole !

    3 - A guy in Melbourne also has just phoned me concerned, as he and his brother are in for $35 grand. They paid money in December last year for engines due in March, including an $1100 carb that was due in January - So far they have nothing and now Lofstrom is asking for more money !

    I urge anyone who has not yet recieved anything from him and has paid up front, to forget your engines, use legal action and try and recover your deposits. Believe me, it's the better option as i could'nt even give away my engine that has cost me over $15 grand.

    Lofstroms name needs to be spread all over the internet and his business shut down before he rips more innocent people off. I would love to hear his doors are shut and he's been arrested.

    Oh, i almost forgot, here's another satisfied customer, there's that many of us, it's hard to keep track of them all !

    Subject: crook in Medina Tx
    Re: Ad #1178177
    Message: I got hosed too. I live 60 miles from him, took my daughters malibu to this "pro" to get all the horses that I could not find. When I finally got it back hedder gaskets blown, 550 dollar bill, custom "Ti" carb would not stop flooding. I installed stall speed converter as he instructrd me to, and we lost 2 tenths at the track and Im out over 900 dollars to go slower. I took the carb back to the prick and after 3 months of calling him I picked it up...un-touched. I sold my Rebuilt "Ti" carb at a swap meet for 30 bucks,...and I feel I screwed the guy.His facility is a old gas station, and I dont know if he ever actually got the dyno working. The black car with flames on the hood is my daughters, he did nothing but screw it up, what little work he did. I should make him take the picture off his web site. Anyway your right, he cant be trusted.

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    Anyone who is in the red with Lofstrom needs to contact the attorney below. His name was given to me by the Bandera County Sheriff, George Wintle. Steven is well aware of Lofstroms past and has helped people retrieve thier money.

    As a note, if you hold out and eventually recieve your partial engine like most of us have, it is a CIVIL matter and these guys cant help you.

    However, if he has your money and you have nothing, this is a CRIMINAL offence and they will persue it.

    Steven A. Wadsworth
    521 Earl Garrett St.
    Kerrville, TX 78028-4532

    Email: [email protected]"

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    what is the guys address i live around 15min from medina county,
    i would like to go by and con him for a change, get some free
    engine parts, promise to pay and just let him get burnt :lol:

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    Rock on mate !

    What a great idea, see if you can find 2 small block Fords while your there for my friend in Melbourne !

    Check his website before you go, email him for a quote. He'll tell you how great he is and what he can do for you - You wont find a better guy, just ask him, he'll tell you !
    btw, keep traces of your emails with Ty for a laugh later - i did !

    Dont expect a state of the art shop on your arrival, i'd like to know who does his machining as he has no equipment for this whatesover.......

    Sure, he has a flowbench and a dyno, but could'nt dyno my engine as he could'nt match the flexplate he supplied to his dyno's torqueplate....Just one of the many ongoing problems still going on 7 months later !

    Anyway, here's where his shop is:

    Ty Lofstrom
    Owner- Lead Engine Developer & Systems Engineer
    TLI Racing Engines
    Medina Resto-Modz (MRM)
    TPC Performance Carburetors
    13916 SH16
    Medina, TX 78055
    PH. +1.830.589.3040
    Fax +1.830.589.3044

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    When we started dealing with him we could hold of him and keep up on his progress, oops I mean his excuces. Of course his wife would answer the phone and say he is really busy on the dyno ,he can't come to the phone. Then when the crap started hitting the fan and we were getting pissed with him, his phone would go to voice mail. Now you don't talk to anyone anymore they just screen the incoming calls. That makes alot easier not to talk to the customers. Guys like this have no morals what so ever. We got found out alot of dirt on him, and we have pages and pages of unhappy customers. Bottom line is this guy is a crook, and he will keep on taking peoples money as long as he is on line. Until he is put in jail he will keep on scamming!!!!!

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    Some great news here, Ty Lofstrom was recently arrested and is out on bail at the moment.

    While this is not good for the many people that given him deposits and still have nothing, it will hopefully keep the prick from taking other peoples hard earned cash and if enough people contact the persons below, he will see jail time !

    My family has been deceived, also, by Ty Lofstrom. I've never come across a con man like him. We finally got an indictment for theft, though, and Ty was arrested last week. Court was yesterday in Leakey Texas (Real County)and the case has been deferred until June 20th. The Real County Sheriffs office in Leakey, Texas did the investigation and the District Attorney took it from there.
    Sir, I really hope Ty doesn't walk, but he may. We're only one family and we need others that have been hurt by this man. My hope is that all others who have been conned will call the District Attorney (830)741-6187 and tell him their story. I'm sure this would help with the prosecution. Also, after the criminal case, we will have a civil case. The number of our attorney who will be handling this is 830-232-6750. Again, anyone who has been conned by Ty Lofstrom should call.

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    Oh my, not another one !

    Where are you Ty Lofstrom, why have your ads disappeared on Racingjunk ? :evil:

    Hello,what's up? My name is Carl and I THINK that I am in the process of getting screwed by TY LOFSTROM as we speak.He has my engine and 3,100.00 US dollars from me.Thus far I had alot of excuses,delays,and things I have trouble believing from him.I would like you to send me whatever you can about this guy.The B.B.B. record of his dealings aren't good.Anything you can do to help me to get a good handle on him would be greatly appreciated.IF he is this much a scam he sure seems knowledgeable and honest on the phone,which I notice he doesn't like to use much!!!!!!!!! THANKS,CARL P.S. HE WOULD NOT PROVIDE ME WITH A LIST OF REFERENCES,BUT THIS WAS AFTER I REALZED SOMETHING WASN'T RIGHT!!!!!!!!

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