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Thread: dominator 1050 hesitation help bbc

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    dominator 1050 hesitation help bbc

    i have a 84 hurst olds chassis car with a 505 bbc it has merlin ported heads, .714 .714 roller, 13.1 compression, 4000 stall. 4.10 gears. 33x18.5 et streets. my issue is i ran an 1150 on the car and it ran ok but looking to pick up bottom end i changed to a #9375 1050hp . this carb had 85 jets square and ran to rich. so i jeted it to 81 jets it seems to run and feel more peppier but i have a huge bog off the line until about 3000 then the car comes alive and hauls ass feels like a throttle stop. but nothing til then i have done just about everything i know how to and still the bog is there. when the carb hits it runs like a scalded dog but i can not get a launch. i have adjusted the pumps up and down no change i changed the squirters no noticeable change now has a 35 front and rear. 38* total timing. this is a street driven vehicle. just need my bottom end back, any help is much appreciated

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    p.s. carb has been sitting for a few months but seems to run ok just driving only happens when i stomp on it . also since i switched the carbs . while cruising down the road the car will not idle down it runs about 2k until i completely stop then slowly comes down to 1k rpm. thanks again just thought this info may help.

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    When I separated my 9375s off my tunnel ram, I had to drill my squirters out to .045 to get rid of the bog on my single dart bbc, worked fine after that. Good luck.

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    Huge bog, is usually fuel supply. Make sure that your new carb has the large accellerator pump, also check the squirter size.

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