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    Scale truck

    Hey guys I need some help.Trying to get a chevy luv to drive straight.Just built the truck has ladder bars and coil overs on rear.I have the truck on a set of digital scales.I am trying to find out how much weight should be on the rh rear tire and the lh rear.I just want a starting point.I know I will have to fine tune at track.I have had trucks frt end aligned.The truck tends to drift from side to side when going down track.Thanks Forgot to say lh rear weighs 669lb and the rh rear weighs 547 with me in truck.

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    The weight on each corner is not something that should have to be adjusted once it is set unless the weight of th evehicle changes. What kind of suspension to do you have on the front?

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    Stock luv on frt

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    First off what are you running for caster and toe? Some times the feel of the wheel will make you adjust when not necessary. Second any time you are not focused down track brace your steering arm so you don't wander. A glance at the gauges or a shift will get you out of the grove faster than anything.

    As far as the rear weight split, depending on the horsepower, I wouldn't mind if them numbers wasn't switched. A heavy wheel indicates stored energy. Stored energy helps that corner from compressing. Drag cars want to compress the right rear and rebound left rear, these weights are helping this. This could be remedied by a spring rubber in the left front and raising the ride hight in the right rear coil over. This is not saying you can't get a hold of the track this way with a anti roll bar but I hate to lean on them that hard. I would prefer to set car to hook with out bar , then install it for back up. All adjustments are made with bar unhooked then bar is set neutral to hook it back up. If you don't do it this way there is no true info on corner weights. If you need preload in right ladder bar, it is done after ride hight is set and before anti sway bar is attached. You will notice that preload adds weight to right rear and left front also. and removes it from right front and left rear. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the help.I will give it a try.Going to track sat.I will let you know.

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    You don't happen to live in VA do you?I was at New London the other weeken and saw what lloked to be a newly built LUV then.Just wondering
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