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Thread: window nets

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    window nets

    i've got my 14 point cage with funny car cage added done so now need to mount window net..could you all show pics of how you have mounted your nets and locations of them..need to see mounting ways..can you believe this;;i was able to install a complete cage and now have brain freeze and installing a simple net..old age is

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    Yep i had the same problem, course i'm older than you. But i decided to go to full cage, the rules say i have to have a net, nevermind it's a S/ST car 10.90 index, i still have to have a net, not required with a roll bar for the rolll bar. I haven't installed the net yet but will have to before i comepete at NHRA. In my previous car i used 1/4" cable to mount it to the bottom bar, and a slide bar for the top. This car i used a buckle and will drill a hole in the bottom bar and mount an I-HOOK for the bottom hook up with 1/4" cable.



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    Use an angled window net with the brass grommets. You can order these from Stroud. I welded in 5 small window frame tabs to mount the rear of the net. You can use a piece of 3/8 moly tubing for the forward part. Weld a 3/8 rod end to the bottom. At the top of this bar you can use a 3/8 female rod end, drill the threads out so it will slide on the top of the tube. Drill a 1/4 inch hole through the part of the rod end that you drilled the threads out of. When you determine the correct length of your bar you can drill an 1/8 inch hole in the moly tube and drive a roll pin in to hold the female rod end on. this will allow the rod end to move some to make it easier to latch & unlatch the net. Locate and drill a 3/8 hole in the door bar then tig weld a 3/8 sae nut to the bar so you can bolt the lower rod end to the door bar. At the top bar drill the correct size hole to tig weld in a 1/2 long piece of 3/8 id moly tubing, then use a 3/8 pit pin to pin the top rod end to the top bar. Where the pit pin goes in I staked and locktited it into the rod end to keep the pin in place. If you need more details or better pics let me know. It's a little late to go take some but I can get you more tomorrow. These are teh only ones I happened to have on my computer.

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    Chuck that is one very sweet/ clean looking ride...very cool.

    The guy who had my car before me had the net hooked up to the cage with a seat belt latch somehow...I only know this cause the male portion of the latch is welded to the cage...not sure how he had the push button part hooked to the net.

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