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Thread: Engine builders: How do I determine stroke in my 383?

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    Engine builders: How do I determine stroke in my 383?

    I've got a 383. 4.030 bore. 350 block.
    The engine builder said he had to notch the block quite a bit so he said to get a stroker pan.
    The compression is 12.1 or 12.2 after everything
    I have SRP 140348 pistons, Eagle H-Beam 6” Rods, Eagle 4340 3.75 forged crank, Motor was bored .30.
    My question is: what is my stroke? I'm asking because I don't know what oil pan to get. I'm trying to get one that will fit with my 64 chevelle and all of the stroker pans (safe side) won't fit, so I am seeing if a stock pan will fit.

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    your stroke is 3.75

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    a stock pan will work fine for a 383 as far as clearance. If you want a bigger pan for oil capacity just buy one for your chassis you don't need a stroker pan for a 383. Hope this helps.

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    The last pan I put on there, the gasket had to be trimmed because the block had to be clearanced so I don't think a stock pan will work.

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    Stock pan would be fine. That's the same stroke as a 400 sbc, and a stock pan works fine on that.

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    Dont buy a cheap oil pan from e-bay. Use a factory gm oil pan, they will fit. Thats all I ever use on mine and never had a problem. I have purchased the cheap pans from e-bay and they say it will fit the 3.750 stroke crank but it wont. Keep your GM all GM.

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    i would get something better than stock- extra capacity - as oil is the life blood of your motor- you can run 2 filters as well- get a extra quart that way as well

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