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Thread: Need NOS Help

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    Need NOS Help

    I want to run a 50-100hp shot of nos on my engine. My only concern is that nothing is forged. I run a set of cast rings, hyper. pistons, shot peened rods, and a NF crank on a 4bolt main chevy block. I t is around 10.25 compression with an 800AVS thunderseries Edelbrock carb, team g intake and all msd ignition. Will this work???? Some people say yes as long it isnt over 100 others say goodnite to engine. Anyone experiment with this???


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    As long as it's mechanically sound, you have an adequate fuel pump, and you have all the safety switches, it should be fine. JMO

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    You can push as much as you want through it, so long as it doesn't detonate.

    If you get detonation once, it'll knock the skirts off of the pistons.
    -WJ Birmingham

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    I have a stock bottom end 350 with stock flattop pistons, stock rods, stock bore. Around 10:1 compression, team G, double hump heads and mild cam, 750 DP with proform body and have ran 100 shot sniper kit with no problem. I hooked up an air/fuel ratio guage and tuned my carb to be a little on the rich side. Running one holley blue pump at about 8 psi, 110 octane. Running the regular WOT switch to send power to silenoids and MSD digital window switch to send the ground to activate system. Going to the 150 shot and Lunati bracket master cam this year, hopefully it will stay together.

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    I ran a 150 shot on a small block with stock bottom end for years, just make sure you have fuel supply, and install a safety switch so it will cut the nos if fuel pressure drops. you should be allright. 8) 8)
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