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    MSD Chips

    I've got a 6AL for a 4 cylinder Mod 4 Ford 2300 engine. It has a rev limiter chip in it but does not have a chip specifying 4 cylinders. I was thinking that it needs that. If it does where can I find one? Thanks.

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    Your 6al should be set for four cyls. The chips are the same for all.

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    The Revv Chip is really only a plug in resistor of a certain value.
    Number of cylinders means nothing to the chip.

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    There is no difference as Ed said an MSD chip is nothing more than a resistor like what you can buy at Radio Shack. Before the digital boxes I made rotary dial two step boxes, the two step was nothing more than a relay to switch between resistors for a rev limiter and a low side for the brake. I built a couple different ones, one with a rotary switch with progressive resistance values to increase or decrease RPM as needed and the other with potentiometers which are variable resistors. I also got the resistance so I could set the low side below 3000 RPM which was the lowest chip MSD had at the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnracer
    Your 6al should be set for four cyls. The chips are the same for all.
    I agree you need to set it for the 4 cylinder, if I remember right one of the boxes has a few different looped wires coming off the side and you cut the one for the 4 cylinder
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    Its either cut one or cut two of them, Call msd!!!! or see THE instructions, LOL David

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