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    Maybe I am overlooking something. I have a SB Chevy engine around 10.25 comp, 520 lift cam, weiand team g intake, nice camel heads, edelbrock 800 avs thunder series carb, msd probillet dist, msd 6al box, and blaster 2 coil,.....heres the problem. I drive the car down the road around 3000 steady rpm, the car acts like the rev limiter is kicking in, however -give it a little more fuel- runs like a dream, i thought it was a fuel problem-faulty reg?, i run around 5-6 psi, but the gauge isnt always there, sometimes around 4psi wide open, and i checked for vacuum leaks-none. Can my dist. be the problem, i ran it with the advance and it then i ran it without, it ran better without it hooked up. i thought about taking it out and run total timing at 3000 with about 34-36 total. I do run race fuel.
    I probably have overlooked this at some point but i am thinking it is in my timing with the dist. Also what is recommended plug gap with this setup? i am at .045 with an accel shorty plug.
    any thoughts or suggestions-let me have it....

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    you might want to try putting a holley carb on it ,i had alot of problems with my edelbrock doing stuff like that ,put a holley on and never had aproblem

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    I agree with the Holley carb swap , most Edelbrock carbs are boat anchors they are either right or not right and if they're not right you can forget about getting it right so do yourself a favor and invest in a Holley you'll thank us later.

    I would defiently drop your plug gap down to no bigger than .035 I had a simialr problem on my race car and and went down to .032 and wolla, no more misfire.

    Also not a big fan of accel plugs either, I know some people use them for header clearance but if you can get away with not using them I would.
    I like the A/C rapid fires and the ngk race plugs myself.
    Goodluck, Charles
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