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Thread: E-85 and E95 fuel

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    E-85 and E95 fuel

    what do you change to run these fuels. also where can you buy e-95 fuel does e-85 speed your drag car up

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    E85 should give you about 35 more HP as i no alot of circle track racers ar startting to use it and that is what they are claiming. There also a guy here who is running e85 on th street and is feul injected and is putting 686 hp to the ground, i think its the cats meow in HP and its cheap and at the pump. todd

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    What Changes?


    you didn't say what you change?

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    how much compression can it take?

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    We have one guy that runs with us that says he is running E85, but I think he is running pure alchohol. From what I have been told is that you set the engine up like your running pure alcholol. There is a lot of gas stations in MN that have E85, but the E85 is so inconsistent between pumps and stations that if you are going to run it, buy the E85 by the barrel and not from stations. IMO it is not worth it because it is too inconsistent, takes high compression to get the power you want out of it, and you have to dump a lot more of it in the engine. Just my 2 cents.

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