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Thread: Race gas or pump gas?

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    Race gas or pump gas?

    Is there any thing to gain in a low comp motor(10.5)big block using 110-112 instead of pump gas?I like the price of the pump gas vs race fuel,but i have been told that you can see more power with race fuel because of the slower burn rate.My thoughts were use the lowest oct you can with out knock and ping.

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    your right..less octane is best as long as the ping and knock (detonation) not there.

    i big mis-conception people have is that high octane fuels make power....THEY DO NOT...the higher octane only prevents detonation...

    actually high octane fuel in a low compression motor will slow down ther motor down if anything.



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    Race fuel has lead in it which allot of people need for older heads with cast iron seats, you can bump your timing up alittle more and that will give you a few more ponies.
    I mixed 110 sunoco 50/50 with premuim unleaded for years and never had any problems in a 12.5 to 1 compression sbc.
    I don't think you really see any power gains on a lower compression motor like yours but if your running older cast iron seat heads it would'nt be a bad idea to give it gallon or 2 of race fuel every once in awhile just for the benifits of the lead, plus the exhaust smells kick azz.
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    I use 110 octane gas in my yz 125...I adjust the carb though when altering the gas....mine runs fine on just premium too :lol:

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    Bak when I ran my flattop 355 with some old double humps it ran about a tenth quicker on Turbo Blue 110 over pump gas. The bearing's in that motor always looked Good. No idea how much timing it had in it.. :lol:

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