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Thread: Best Nitrous Pistons

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    Best Nitrous Pistons

    I am going to be buying a new set of nitrous pistons, and my engine builder really like diamond pistons. I have also heard a lot of good stuff for arias pistons. They are just going to be sbc 400 4.155 and 3.75 stroke pistons with 6 inch rod so nothing radical. Let me know what you think.

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    BRC's ran em before,love em David

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    Like David says,
    I bought a set of BRC's for my 383 blower motor that going together, the thing about nitrous and blown is the top ring groove needs to be lower from the top of the piston. The BRC's that i got have the top ring down 7/16" from the top and they are solid dome.
    I don't know if Diamonds are built like this.



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    I just bought a set of Diamonds (well, they're on order).

    4.614 final bore, 4.25 stroke, 10.187 deck, .010 in the hole with a 6.7" MGP rod. Cut for Dart 360 heads. Dome thickness .250

    10.5:1 and clearanced for a .850 lift cam.

    Ring stack is .043/.043/3/16, std tension. .400/.200/.100 stack

    12 gas ports

    Includes H13 straight pins (1.094"), with Total Seal rings

    Just a tick under 1300.00 (for eight)

    These are going in my 568 w/14-71 SSI blower @ up to 40 PSI. Pistons are good to about 2100HP.

    They wanted me to do a .017 Dykes, but they didnt make one in the final bore size, and I don't want to bore the block out to a 572.
    -WJ Birmingham

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    x3 on BRC, Hands down best nos piston I have ever ran. Ask for the Ed Wilson design.

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    [quote="OneBadGMC"]I just bought a set of Diamonds [quote]

    I also am a fan of Diamond Pistons very nice stuff and good to deal with.
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    Several good brands out there...Many times ( not all the times) you see piston damage from running NOS could be a result of negligent NOS use or improper set up,or some type of delivery failure...

    buy the best piston Money can buy BRC,Diamond,J&E,...ETC......abuse,set up your Nos improperly or have a malfunction in your fuel delivery or timing retard and you will have some high price ash trays...among other issues.

    i know this was not your question (NOS SET UP)..However i wanted to share the fact many piston companies in the past have got a bad rap for selling less then desirable pistons when it was the operaters fault from sqaure of the reasons i am not in the parts business........

    just know your stuff when setting up the NOS or get with someone that knws their all i got to say...



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    I agree with bj Get to know NOS before you play!!! and make them ash trays!!! David.

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    I will also agree. No such thing as a bullet proof nitrous piston. Mine do come pretty close though.

    BRC Performance does an exclusive line of pistons through me that I design and they make to my design specifications for Big Blocks and for Small Blcoks that are seeming to hold up better than most things available.

    Just over the past few days I was exposed to the New Bill Miller BB Chevy Nitrous Piston for a Really big engine and I had to look several times at it to be sure it was not my piston. This is the new Nitrous piston from them which is really really expensive and it does look very similar to my second design which has been out for well over a year now. I am flattered. Thinking about calling him and just talking. Even if he came up with his witout seeing mine, I am still flatttered. If he saw mine or pics of mine and used them in his new design, I still be flattered.

    Mr Birmingham I could have done for you for some less with my blower D reverse dome version. Diamond does make a good piston though.

    Here are a couple of inside pics of mine for the Big Blocks.


    BRC and me.
    " Let all things that hath breath, praise the Lord. Praise Ye the Lord" Psalms 150 vs 6.

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    I also agree about the nitrous set-up.....okay big bandwagon...
    but a couple of other thoughts, if you are pushing the exhaust gas temps it might be worth a "good" coating on the piston from top ring up. The down side is the ones that are fused to the aluminum on a molecular level add a lot to the cost of the piston. The other thing is choose a combustion chamber shape which also means dome shape that is friendly to the excelerated burn of nitrous/gas combination...lot less tune up problems and fewer damaged pistons.
    On that nitrous tune up....while fail safe devices are ok.....attention to detail is better.

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