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Thread: afr stud girdle

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    afr stud girdle

    i have older 195 afr heads and i just bought the new 210 comp heads.afr says my stud girdle wont fit the new heads are the new eliminator head valves different from the old style or is afr just trying to sell me there stud girdles

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    The valve ofset is different on them. You really do need the different girldes.

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    AFR's website lists the 210 as a standard valve placement, standard girdle head. Their 215 RR requires shaft rockers, the 227's use offset girdles similar to my Brodix 11X heads. If your old 195's are different/offset, you will need new girdles. Try them first. Heads with offsets are significantly different, you will know immediately.
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    I've owned 210's 220's and 227's

    The only thing I used special on any of them was the stud girdle on the 227's, some people even say they need offset lifters but I never ran into that trouble with them. 210's needed nothing special.
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    sounds to be good news afr says noway the stud girdle will work they have offset the valves but on the web site says standard the heads i ordered are the 1103

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    I bought the new afr 210 and they told me the same thing so i ordered the heads with the girdle when i got it here it looked the same as my old girlde i could verify it though as i sold the old heads with girdle

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    Measure the valve spacing on your old 195 heads and your new 210's.

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    i dont have the heads yet i ordered them last week they say up to 5 weeks.the reason for all of this is that my 195 heads now have 3/8 rockers on them rather than buying 7/16 rockers for the new 210 i would swap out the 3/8 studs and my rockers and the stud girdle and sell my 195s with 7/16 studs.i dont want to fork out 300 more bucks into these heads for new rollers already expensive heads if i dont have to.would 3/8 studs and girdle be just as strong as 7/16 studs??

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    Quote Originally Posted by corenele
    would 3/8 studs and girdle be just as strong as 7/16 studs??
    No, not if your running a girdle on both, but the girdle does help. Aside from helping to stablize the valve train, the stud girdle is a big safety feature. I've seen many engines that never had an issue until the stud girdle was pulled off and the rocker fell off due to broke stud. Without the girdle this woud be a catstrophic failure.

    I have the 227's with the 60/40 valve spacing. Had to have the stud girdle for them, was able to run the standard rocker arms. However did have to use adjustable guide plates to get proper roller contact on the exhaust valve, primarily #1 & 8.... Coincidently these are the same valves on both heads when sitting on the bench?????? :wink:
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