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Thread: 406 vs 421 or 434

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    406 vs 421 or 434

    I am ordering a 406-434 from Nyes. Was wondering how much I will lose out on if I get a 406 instead of a 421 or 434. I bracket race a dragster, want to go about 7.90. Car weighs about 1500 with driver. I run Brodix 11x heads so I need a different piston to go with the heads. JE make a piston for a 406 and 11x heads but not for a 421 or 434. Custom pistons would have to be ordered for 421 or bigger. That would take 3-4 weeks. The 406 is cheaper and quicker to get than the others, will I regret not waiting and spending more???

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    Wiseco makes an off the shelf for 11X heads. I ran 8.20's 250 pounds heavier with home ported 11X's with a 427 (4.125 bore). There is some time left in it by cutting the deck, better converter, and some shaft rockers, better springs and bigger pushrods. 7.90's is not unreasonable.
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    I will see what wiseco has. THANKS

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    IMO a 406 will get a 1500lb car easily to the 7.9's with the right setup, our camp has a 406 @ 1700lbs that goes 8.0's.

    I am sure Nye's will suggest the 421CI motor, you should call and talk to Pat @ Nye's he will hook you up with all the info on the motor you need.
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    Talking with pat now he says maybe a 427 and is looking for the pistons now. Thanks for the reply it really helped. I thought I was stuck with a custom piston only.

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    My Altered weights 1850lbs. with me in it and I'm guessing its around 690hp. I ran my numbers(check below) at 700ft. above sea level with a 30mph head wind,(Sept 07). I'm hoping for a 7 second this year 8)
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