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Thread: Cars and the PRICES!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cars and the PRICES!!!!!!!!!!

    Can someone explaine to me where theses outrageous prices for cars are based on? I know that Barrette Jackson as really screwed the market up not so much for sellers but buyers are being ripped! I see car on here that are on the average over priced by 10,000 or more. I thought that you cannot expect to recover the labor cost if you have a shop build your car for you?

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    Price is based on how bad you want that particular car I guess.....

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    I think its based on example. Someone looking to sale a car. They have an idea what they feel that the car worth. So you browse threw ads looking at cars about the same as yours. And you see the same type car listed for 20,000 even though you thought yours was only worth 12,000 or 15,000 but you list it for 20,000 because that's what you see what the quote unquote other guys prices. So why not!

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    alotta cars are priced to high for intsance the vegas and S10's....ive seen em for 10-15k.....another funny thing is when people put that there trade price is higher.....i laugh everytime i see that and especially when they have the cash price to high already......

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    its all a matter of what people are willing to pay for a car. a car that is worth 12,000 and listed at 20,000 probably wount sell if the buyer knows wht the car is worth. I wouldnt take a listing price as what cars are actually selling for, people ask outragous prices for cars all the time but that doesnt mean that they sell them for that much.

    Some people are willing to pay huge amounts for cars that arnt worth what they paid mainly because those high dollar ones are big name brand cars like Boyd Coddington, or OCC motorcycles, or a rare make and model ('63 T-bar coupe for example), etc when they could get the same car built for half of what they paid. Its all about bragging rights and form over function.

    personally, I am for function and drag racing and would rather spend money on something that will make my car faster then something that will make it look better. so I would never over-pay for a performance part since you can order them in a catalogue which is very buyer-friendly but apperarance items can be one-off custom pieces that are seller-friendly since they can exadurate how much time and effort they have into a certain item to jack up the price. its hard to sell a drag car that has 12k in parts for 20k but its much easier to sell a one-off show car that has 12k in parts/labor for 20k.

    sorry, not sure where Im going with this, just my 2cents on the issue.
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    Are you talking street cars or race cars? Barett-Jackson has destroyed the classic/muscle car market. They have provided a false since of value based on rich men who have "mine is bigger than yours" attitudes when it comes to check books. They look hard and really qualify the buyer. They take the biggest check books that have the gotta have it attitude and put them in 1 room with complimentary alcohol then put it on TV. Next thing you know, the cars that the average person passed on are cars that the average person can barely afford.

    As for race cars, there are no standards. It based on what you have in it, what you think it is worth and what the next guy is willing to pay for it.

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    Barrett Jackson made everyone think there regular junk is worth a million..

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    Quote Originally Posted by "
    Barrett Jackson made everyone think there regular junk is worth a million..
    AMENMakes it hard for some high school kid to go buy a $500 fixer-upper.$500 "fixer-uppers" have now turned into $5,000 "originals" :roll:
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    Car prices

    Quote Originally Posted by "

    AMENMakes it hard for some high school kid to go buy a $500 fixer-upper.$500 "fixer-uppers" have now turned into $5,000 "originals" :roll:
    Yeah, but hasn't it realy been this way for the last 25 years or so. I saw this back then, There were alot of 60's musclecars that had seen better days being sold for insane prices even then.

    I remember telling my best friend, we should've borrowed ourselves into hock and bought up all the cast off Camaros, Mustangs, whatever and planted them in my Dads field. With the prices I've seen some junk sell for, could've made a pretty penny today.

    In my case, I'm still looking for a car to return to racing. It's a case of one fool having the right car and the other fool having the right amount of money. Guess I just haven't found my fool yet!
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    Another thing i think you have to also look at is the type of parts in the car they can be two nova's same year and look the same but whats under the car and components also make a big difference in price .

    fab 9" 4 link coil overs
    ladder bar Dana
    Brakes disc or drum or both
    what type of electronics tire size you can get under the car wheels
    There is a lot of factors that also play into the price of the car.

    When i had my nova for sale there was a lot of people call or email and tell me that was a lot of money for a nova but on the same hand i had it priced at a little less than half the cost to build it .
    and that wasn't counting the 8000.00 dollar paint job.

    But i know what you are saying i drove all over looking at cars and most are way over priced for what they are .

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