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Thread: 612 BBC Dyno results??

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    612 BBC Dyno results??

    Getting ready to dyno my new 612 bbc and thought id see what everyone thought the results might be.. :lol: I was hoping to get the best guess on the HP and Torque number the dyno will show.. AND maybe what rpm it will make the best HP or Torque numbers at.. :roll:

    dart big m splayed cap 10.2 block
    callies 4.750 crank
    6.7 eagle rods w/l19 bolts
    diamond -3.2 cc flat top pistons
    .010 deck height
    .048 cometic head gaskets
    Dart pro 1 cnc ported heads.. 355cc . 230/1.88 .118cc chamber
    10.6 compression ratio
    Sniper intake cnc ported
    solid roller cam.. 714/714 .. 261 271 @50 ..112 center
    jesel rockers 1.75 int. 1.70 ex
    chuck nuytten 1250 dominator modified to 4 circuit
    hooker super comps 2 1/8

    also going to run a single plate nitrous system at 150hp but just lookin for a guess on engine alone ... no behind door #1 for the closest guess but you get to puff out your chest a little and say..I knew it all along... :shock:

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    Must be a pump gas or street motor with the lower compression and cam.

    Sounds like a beast though.
    Goodluck with it, Charles
    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    Yeah it's a pump gas.. street.. go to church on sunday mornin ..Im always running late kinda engine :lol:

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    yea im thinkin you probably wanna keep as LITTLE nitrous in that motor as possible!!!your lookin at a 1.125" piston height to wrist pin.ive heard that a 1.250 is really about as low as you wanna go with nitrous.i built a 572 with the 6.7 rod and 4.5 eagle crank and my je flattops had piston pin through oil ring land on max nitrous intention is about 250-275 shot.

    as far as your say 800 [email protected] rpm and 850 [email protected]

    im guessing that that cam will be a torque king!strong midrange power but a little limited to 6000-6400 rpms.but with that big arm youll have all the midrange power youll need to bend a stock suspension car into a pretzel unless it has atleast a small cage! good luck and let us know your experiences-russ

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    dyno done !!

    Well Damn you were close.. at least on the rpm.. and HP
    Torque was 884 ft lbs @ 4500 :shock: :shock: :shock:
    HP was 868 @6000
    HP went down to 843 running thru the 3" borla mufflers ( now thats a good muffler!! )

    These are real world uncorrected #'s...!!! :lol:
    I cant wait to get this beast in the chevelle and go a huntin !! :twisted:

    Cant imagine how this is gonna feal with over 800 ft lbs of torque from 3900 to 5400 rpm.... :shock:
    might have to take along a roll of toilet paper the first couple times out ops:

    cranking compression was @ 170lbs
    so this is one stump pullin pump gas combo..

    I didnt have it in me to even try out the 150 shot of NOS..I'll save that one for later...much later!!! :roll:

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    That is some great #'s on the new motor. So be very careful on the street with that kind of power. Have fun with it.
    60' 1.30
    5.58 @ 127.89

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