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Thread: Gilbert Stradden "Stradden 11" known scammer

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    Gilbert Stradden "Stradden 11" known scammer

    Here is the message that I received from this scammer. I did a little research on his name and he is known for travelers check fraud, job offer scams and a plethora of otheres that only get some poor sap to pay him money. Google search his name for yourself if you like.
    Even better, let him know that you will be "sending the money as promised". I hate this sh t. It wastes our time and maybe we can all waste a bunch of his. He is not aware that I am up on his crooked dealings.

    Message: Dear Sir,

    We are Interested in purchasing used Engine from your company. Please kindly send us the Items lists and price quotations.
    We are only willing to pay via bank to bank transfer.


    Gilbert Stradden
    Sears Equipment Inc.
    104 Leonard street
    London ec2a 4rh
    Ph: Ph: +44-704-576-9193
    [email protected]

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    Was there a reason that you were leery of him in the first place or were you just checking him out? How can they de-fraud you with a bank to bank transfer? I was going to open up an acct with 50 bucks for the wire transfer on a sale, but then the guy backed out. I wouldnt give him my regular acct #.
    Check out this e-mail I received from another guy...
    Thanks for your reply, i am still intrested and okaywith the
    price.This is how i will want us to seal the transaction cos i dont
    want any delay at all.So all iam going to do isto contact my
    associate in the USA to issue you a cashier's check of
    $7,000 which will be for both the shipping and your own money $3,700 So all i will want you to do when you recieve the cashier's check is to
    deduct your own money and send the remaining shipping funds of
    $3,300 through WESTERN UNION VIA to my International shipping agent
    that will come for the pick up.So if this terms are okay by you i
    will need your contact address and phone number so that i can
    forward to my associate who will be issueing you the cashier's check.I look
    forward to your reply and .Thanks and Regards
    N/B The shipping funds will be wired to my international agent that
    will come for the pickup he
    will be the one to arrange the pickup and shipping of the ( vehicle) From USA to CANADA where i am that we have an agreement
    I will like you to remove the advert you placed on the website so
    that you will recieve no more offers.the cashier's check will be sent to you
    via fedex.I will give you a call as soon as you reply.
    info required to send cashier's check:
    NAME ........
    FULL ADDRESS........
    Phone number Office / cell...........
    So I sent him
    John Doe
    123 Smith St.
    Anywhere, USA,12345

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    Thats the oldest one in the book.

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