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Thread: Computer problems HP SUCK'S

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    Computer problems HP SUCK'S

    I thought i would just let you guy's know of my experience with HP today.
    I have a problem for about a week with my photo smart program could get it to work .
    uninstalled it and then reinstalled it still same thing Finley gave up and called Hp .
    Well for them to tell me that my warranty has expired and i needed to purchase a new one so i did and after about 1 1/2 hours on the phone with three or four of these girls and guy's that i barley could understand they told me to back up all my files and then call them back and we could clean my system and reinstall back to the factory settings.
    well in the mean time a customer came in as i was really getting aggravated Say's whats the problem so i told him he looks at it and Say's i think i can fix that in about five minutes and he did.
    So the 100.00 dollars that i spent for this warranty from HP and all the time on the phone was for not and HP will not refund your money ethier .
    I called them back to make a complaint and that was the first thing they told me right away .
    I did make the complaint and there rep Say's i dont know what you want us to do your problem is fixed i said yes it is but not from HP but from a customer so wheres the point of paying a 100.00 dollars for some jerk that didn't know what the hell he was talking about from the start :evil:

    I would love to cause them some of the aggravation they cause me today

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    Hey Ron, don't feel too bad. My father recently bought a computer off ebay that had been redone at HP. He got it delivered and the box looked as if it had been in a playoff game. Anyway after plugging it in and powering it up, nothing. He also called the tech line. A woman that he refered to as pakastani that he could barely understand had him tear into it, but could not understand her well enough to fix it. He's not very patient either like me, don't know where I got it from, . Anyway the next day he tries it again. Guess what another person that he could not understand trying to get him to tear it apart again. Now after an hour the first day and nearly the same the next day. He stops the man, and says after this much time he can teach people how to translate pakastani to english but all he wants his F&*#ing computer fixed. The man then says he will send a box for it. A day later he had the box mailed it, a week later the computer was back and now works. Dad has vowed to never buy a computer from a company that doesn't have english speaking techs. So I can't blame you.

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    I think everyone feels that. The biggest problem is that all the major computer builders, Dell, HP, and others are useing tech's from India, Pakastain, and even from Tiwan. It's impossible to understand them and they can only reference what the book says. :evil:
    I bought my first Dell in 1998, and had all kinds of problems that you are describing. After my warentee ran out in 1 yr. i never renewed it and slowly learned how to fix anything that might go wrong. In 2005 i bought a newer, faster Dell and they ask if i want the extended warentee and i quickly said no, never again will i deal with any of their tech's on the phone. :evil:
    I have a HP printer that i bought in 1998 and it still works good (most of the time) Dell's 922 printer and scanner i have will no longerprint pics. but the scanner works good, so i keep 2 computers alive with what i have.


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