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Thread: Beggers and Dreamers

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    Beggers and Dreamers

    Some guy calls me from a 706 area code begging for a parachute mount,says he really wants it ASAP. I have listed for a mustang.I told him 70.00 I will pay shipping.He wants to pay with a credit card and I told him I do not accept them,then he says COD,I said a US Postal money order would be the only way I would do it.I sent him my info,week goes buy nothing,I e-mail him says death in family.I said no problem its your I took it off the site,Its packed up ready to go call him once e-mail him once.Nothing!!!! What gets me is if you don't want it tell me don't begg me for it, dont jerk me off.Its a 70.00 item .Have the decency of e-mailing me .People are just [email protected]#$%&d up.

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    I have been selling parts of all sorts of items for over 20 years(cars,computers,clothes,sports etc etc)
    Auto/Race Parts buyers are the biggest tirekickers of all time

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    must have been broke...that why wanted to use cc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tod74
    must have been broke...that why wanted to use cc
    Yeah still had the balls to e-mail me if I still had it like 4 x s.I have another guy asking if I can neg on the same thing.He wants to give me $30.00 and I pay shipping.I dont mind being neg but WOW!!!!

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