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Thread: Item damaged during shipping. PLEASE give suggestions

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    Item damaged during shipping. PLEASE give suggestions

    Hey guys I was needing some feedback on a practice tree I sold. I had a buyer that wanted the item and I told him that I could ship it from work UPS and that it would save him some money if he wanted so we agreed on this. He e-mailed me awile ago that two of the bulbs are bent, one lense is cracked, and the package was open when it arrived. What are your opinions on this. Nothing was wrong with tree when shipped, but we never discussed insurance or anything. I am going on what I was told in e-mail, I havnt talked to the guy yet. I gave him my number in case he ad lost it and told him to call me this evening. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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    I suggest you take care of it. It should have been insured.

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    I think if you check you will find that UPS gives you a maximum of $100 worth of insurance in your shipping cost. That should cover the damage. Have the buyer e-mail you some pictures and file a claim, Not 100% sure on this but it is worth checking out ! Don

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    damaged package

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am willing to do what is needed like replace the lense etc to make it right, but I am not giving a refund. On other items I have sold I have never had a problem with anything, no issues with shipping, etc. I have sold items that before selling the buyer and myself have discussed that if they do not like the item when they receive it that they could send it back for full refund if they covered the shipping back to me. This was on a carburetor that I sold last year. The buyer was extremely excited when the carb arrived and it was better than he expected cause my price was 50.00 cheaper than some others that were on the site at that time. I just want to be fair, and I have never had any issues of this before just wanted some thoughts. Thanks!

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    I think Davis is right on the $100.00 claim, but i donot know who has to file the claim, the shipper or the buyer. I think when the package is delivered the reciever has to tell/show the UPS driver and the UPS driver then notes the damage. Course my UPS driver is such a nice person he may be going extra steps, he also leaves the packages on my porch if i'm not home and if there's damage he leaves me a note to call him. But we are small town people not big cities type, so everyone knows everyone.

    Like Davis say worth checking out.


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    It's a real good idea to get to know your UPS guy. He's your friend.. My UPS guy will also leave stuff on my porch and if it's raning we have an agreement that if he can to put it in my pickup truck and lock the door .. He also gets $$ from me at Christmas time ...

    We were not on the same page a wile back as Ron would know but all is good now

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    Item Damaged in shipping

    Looks like everything is resolved. I told the buyer that I would replace the broken items and he was fine with this. I am glad this had a good ending for the buyer and myself. I just wanted the buyer to be satisfied with his purchase. Thanks

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