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Thread: Canadian Drag Racing Finished

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    Canadian Drag Racing Finished

    This communist country I live in, is stoping the use of Leaded fuels as of Jan.1,2009 in race cars. Out of the total amount sold in Canada only 1.5% is used for racing and the other 98.5% going for small planes .....WTF is that.Little one sided I think.Maybe it's because half of them MPP have planes. If it's gone, it gone.Make them do updates on there engine or park them. :evil:
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    at least you can still run methanol.

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    True but look at what I have to spend to change over.Think the government would pay ????? :roll:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty2
    True but look at what I have to spend to change over.Think the government would pay ????? :roll:
    Carb, fuel pump, regulator and some lines?

    I don't see the big deal.

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    i agree with you scott2;;that is [email protected]#$;;

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    It's not just the cost of changing fuels. For example... the negative effect of not having national events from IHRA / NHRA. Lack of American racers coming. This is a very serious issue that could have some major tracks closing up

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    The End of Canadian Drag Racing?
    Racers, it seems the sky is truly falling. The Government of Canada is
    planning to implement a total and permanent ban on the use of leaded
    fuels for competition purposes, effective January 1st, 2009.
    If this happens, Professional Drag Racing in Canada is over.
    Immediately, completely and forever. This isn’t the same as the challenges we’ve
    faced in the past. This time, they’re dropping the ‘Big One’.
    No Pro Mod, No Pro Stock, No Top Fuel or Nitro Funny Car and no
    American competitors in any of our sportsman classes. Only Alcohol Funny Cars
    would remain unscathed.
    Although many Canadian sportsman competitors run their cars effectively
    on unleaded racing fuel or methanol, any of our competitors using
    leaded fuel have two choices. Change or quit.
    The legislation arrived in our office last week. We took the time to
    read the document from start to finish to make sure we weren’t
    overreacting. Then we talked to fuel suppliers, the IHRA and local politicians,
    including London’s Bud Polhill; a long-time drag racing advocate in the
    Canadian fuel wars.
    What makes this bill viciously unfair is, they indicate that there may
    be increased health risks associated with leaded fuels than previously
    thought, and are advocating this change without any actual testing or
    proof. The US, Britain and Australia must not put much faith in this new
    information as they have no changes planned in their Leaded fuel for
    competition vehicles policies at volumes 10 to 100 times the annual Cdn.
    volume. Also the passing of this bill does not eliminate leaded fuel,
    it only eliminates our portion, which is 1.5% of the leaded fuel
    consumed in Canada (these are the Govt’s own numbers right in the report –
    see Industry profile) the remaining 98.5% is used as aviation fuel and
    they have been given a permanent exemption. (which includes private
    pleasure planes, etc.)
    Bottom line, it’s as bad as it seems. The Canadian Government are
    legislating Canada’s largest racing facilities out of business. The document
    can be found on the Government of Canada website, under Canada Gazette
    Part 1, Dec. 22, 2007. The link to the document is:
    If you’re passionate about our sport, I can only beg you to call, write
    and email every politician you can think of, and let them know how you
    feel about your sport being forced out of existence.YOU NEED TO DO
    and it will then be scheduled for a vote. Make sure the companies that
    tailor their businesses around the performance industry know as well.
    They’ve got a big stake in this too.
    This is the link that takes you to the current Members of Parliament.
    On the left side of the page, you will see a text box labeled; Quick
    Search. Type in the name of your City or County to go to your local
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    Well I wouldn't worry too much, Here in the good 'ol USA Nascar is switching and you can be sure the mandate Nazis here will force this on the rest of the racers here before long...
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