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    Is it just me or do all of ya'll get this kinda I had my car on here for 13,500 and had alot of offers but the problem was these people wanted to trade me a car they have listed for 6500 and me put in cash. I don't know how they come up with these figures. I guess I'll just run my car next

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    Well, maybe if they give you a $6500.00 car and $10,000.00 cash then your ahead.

    I know what you mean though.
    I know a guy trying to sell a nice truck at a giveaway price and he still gets the same type of guy.

    Better luck!

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    I love the ones that tell you I"m going to come look at your car,or I"m going to call or the best one is Oh I'm not a tire kicker.When I hear I"m not a tire kicker thats a dead giveaway.Has anybody had a stalker, boy I had one that still calls me when I told him 10 times I"m not interested. Oh well I hope people have had better luck them me getting rid of my car and not the run arounds. I"m glad I got that off my chest....

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    1 out 3 people that respond to your ad, will almost always be someone wanting your stuff for nothing. Or if you list to trade for a certain vehicle only, you will get look at ad so & so, and it'll be a bike, boat or something you have no need of. And they wonder why some people don't respond back.My parents always told me if you don't have something good to say, say nothing at all. It does beat; If you would bother to read my ad you know I don't want what you have offered or DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ???????? HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!!!!! Hope everything works out for you. Just have a laugh at these offers and go on. Maybe a scammer will send you a couple to go with the rest, 1 of my other favorites.

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