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    I'm always reading about LOOK AT THE PERSONS PROFILE BEFORE YOU BUY/SELL TO HIM/HER. quick question then...when you are trying to sell something...and the person leaves you a read the message...look at who it is from...but thats it...I cant figure out how to look at the guys profile...seems you can only look at his/her profile if he is the person posting the add.

    If someone knows how to check a profile with just the persons name/handle please let me know.


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    I don't know if that is possible or not but is a very valid point. It would not be hard to allow you to click on the buyers name in the email and look at the profile.

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    Not everyone that posts has a profile page. :?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blittle
    Not everyone that posts has a profile page. :?
    I think everyone that post should be "made" to fill out a profile before posting a ad, this would help buyers and sellers get some more info on them.
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    Copy their name 1st.
    Then go to your profile and click on that.Then above your picture there,there is a brown bar,in that brown bar there are some options.

    Click on search profile. then you have 2 options of finding someone,either by email,or username.

    Paste the name in the second box,if they have a profile it will show up,If not they don't have a profile.
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    chevyguy65...Simple for some maybe...Im surprised that at my age i even know how to turn this thing on...ha ha ha.

    Thanks for the info guys...So now that there is 2 ways of getting to know who your buying/selling to posted on here...maybe it might be easier for some of us to find out who we are selling to or buying from...I do agree...if someone wants to sell something on here they should be made to have a profile...or even just to join this site for that matter...not that it will accually stop people from scamming from others...but it might slow it down a little.

    Thanks again Guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevguy65
    LOL...Post deleter strikes here as you can see there was a reply to my post and poof it's gone...LMAO

    Whomever is the child going crazy with the delete button, grow a pair and let me know why you are deleting my posts.
    :shock: I saw that post. why was it deleted? there wasn't anything negative in it.

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    Toms post which followed Carls post was also deleted!!

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