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Thread: 1 nos plate on blower ?

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    1 nos plate on blower ?

    lookihg for more input on running 1 -150 shot nos plate on blower.i have details in other post ,blower nos question,let me know if someone out there has tried it how it worked.871 blower 2 dominators on gas.

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    I can see no reason to add N2o to a Roots Blower combination except for cooling if you have the special intake that allows you to shoor cool nitrous through it for cooling the intake runners.

    Increase your boost is the power adder for you.

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    Nothing wrong with bottle on your blower at all. In fact, it's a huge increase in power, especially with gas.

    Gas blowers have a really bad issue with heat. The more heat you have, the less air density. Increasing boost increases heat, decreasing air density.

    You can literally increase boost to the point that you decrease power simply due to the rotors over heating the air.

    Adding some nitrous into the mix increases the blowers efficiency by decreasing the air intake charge temperature (thus increasing air density).

    The downside to bottle on the blower is backfire. Talk about 'banging the blower'. Hope you have some good safety straps (and a bag) on the blower or you may find it coming through the windshield.

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    Wouldn't seem worth it to me. Do a pulley swap or get rid of those carburetors and put an injector hat on top.

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