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  • Triple Slip joint Dragster

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  • Hardtail Dragster

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  • 4 Link Dragster

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  • Swing arm Dragster

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Thread: Best dragster chassis....

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    Best dragster chassis....

    Looking for opinions on the best dragster chassis for consistancy. Take into consideration that this car one weekend would be at a national event track and then the next at perhaps a outlaw track.

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    Senior Member RACING JUNKIE
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    I don't know much about dragsters but my buddy runs a Spitzer slip tube car and that thing is like a xerox machine. Runs 4.90's with a small block.

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    I would think the 4-link would be the most consistant but that is just an opinion. My buddy always ran hardTail dragsters but ran 4.30-4.50's with a blown small block and did have trouble from time to time with traction..
    Another friend that has a hardtail and a big block runs 5.30's has trouble from time to time too with traction..
    No experience with the slip joint dragsters..

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    4 link for the the reasons you just can tune the chassis for each track..good or bad.

    i would think a 4 link would win the vote with any chassis.. IMO



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    This is a good question. My opinion is this, any suspension on a dragster will help. I have an older slipjoint that works well, but there are extreme circumstances where my newer car would help. It's a triple SJ, 4-link/Xlink. I think the newer swing arms will work as well, just a little easier to tune initially. Get which ever is cheaper, swing arm or 4-link if you are looking, either is fine. Both also offer a smoother ride down the track.
    Mark Whitener

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    We have been running a mono shock swing arm for almost 8 years now. PSP racecars from Oberlin, OH has always done our chassis work and has been using this concept for over 12 years. Out current car which is for sale has a dual suspension on it. It will go down any track in this country and I will gaurantee that you will think each track is perfectly smooth. We run Norwalk on Saturdays and then a little outlaw track on Sundays. No problems and repeats anywhere. The swingarm design is the simplest of all suspensions to adjusts. Personally, I would never go back to a traditional 4-ling that runs wishbone and antiroll.

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    I am with Shawn on this one, I'll never go back to the 4 link. A swingarm has more advantage of a 4 link. I am not sure if anyone even builts the 4 link cars anymore ?? I run on what most people would call a down home hillbilly track weekly and its a raugh bumpy track. I've ran hardtails, triple slips, 4 links, and swingarms down it. The swingarm by far is the best. There is no more twist in the chassis with the bottom bars tied together it eliminates chassis roll.

    I like Shawn now have a dual suspended car, I've yet to drive it but I am sure it'll be the smoothest car at the track I race at.
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