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Thread: Beware of Greg Miller aka 'millermotor'

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    Beware of Greg Miller aka 'millermotor'

    I bought a 4 stage dry sump system off this guy over 2 months ago. It was to consist of a pump, tank, the pan and lines, all Moroso. I have yet to see everything. He keeps telling me it got sent back because the package leaked oil and UPS sent it back. Then he tells me he was away racing for 2 weeks. Well, its now almost 11 weeks later. He now does not answer his cell phone when I call. Whenever I call from a new number, he answers.

    His address is:
    Greg Miller
    1404 Helna Ave
    Nederland TX 77627

    His cell phone number is: 409-749-0451

    If anyone knows this guy and knows another way to contact him, please let me know

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    I hope you will check out the 3 sticky's at the top of this thread and see if there is any info that might help you in getting your money or the items and any questions please let us know...Good luck

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    I did check them out. I believe the only piece of info I don't have is the email address. The ad I responded to was this:

    Thanks for the help.

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    This guys add worrys me,for 1 he has been a member since 2004.
    No honor payments nothing,zip,nada. This would be a flag to me,I would hope this guy wasn't going to come in here and tell me has never sold any thing on RJ.I am NOT buying that.

    And second,this guy is starting with the EXCUSES deal,we all know this is the start of a scam,I am not buying it either. 11 weeks to send some thing and it was sent back to him because oil was leaking out of the package? This guy has never heard of wraping parts in a plastic bag?Give me a break.

    And third
    Loss of communication,I call it selective answering,they got your money now,they figure if you can't get through,you'll stop calling after awhile.Lots of people give up and lose their money or parts this way.

    The only way I would have delt with this guy and he was going to pay the shipping would have been COD

    And lastly if this guy has selective answering I'd call here to crime stoppers,They are right in his town,maybe they can go shake this guy out,I bet he will answer the door for these guys or the phone.
    You might then get whats coming to you.

    Here is some help to you other than if someone knows this guy and can give him a call. Sorry I can't help other than here.

    Guys need to do your homework and come here and ask,BEFORE you buy NOT AFTER

    Come to the forum with a link,ask questions if you have any doubt.Heck even invite the individual here to post up to his add that he is selling,if he won't come here and show his credability,DON'T BUY from him,its just that simple.If guys want to sell they will make the sale under almost any circumstances;try it that is what works,people making deals works.
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    I will try the cops and see where we go from there. Thanks for your help.

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