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Thread: interesting aritcle

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    interesting aritcle

    Don't know if this has been posted here before, but I ran across this a few weeks ago and thought it was an interesting article. It was written back in May 2004, so you might have already read it. The Nascar stuff was new to me. Anyways, here is link if anyone wants to read it.

    Also, here is a new company that was at the Sema show. They build big inch motors with a new design. Mostly designed for Marine but could be used for drag racing. Max hp is at like 4400 rpms.

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    OMG! Someone hid a nitrous bottle in the oilpan! WOW, good read.
    I don't get how someone , cheating or not, can get traction control from an ignition box though.
    Any more cheating stories out there? I don't drag race so, you can tell me. LOL

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    Some of the best getting caught cheating stories were brouht to us by the courtesy of Chrysper Corporation. If I am remembering corret it was in 1964 that Chrysler Corp participated in several different cheating ventures and were caught.

    I do not believe that any other factory team effort was involved in planned and engineered cheating.

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    the cheating part was not the main reason I posted it, I was more interested in how the top teams remain on top for so long. I think Anderson's competition has pulled pretty close with Connolly even ahead now. We will see if that team stays on top very long.

    It would be cool to see the inside of a pro stock engine. Just the rotating assembling would be nice. I know we won't see any cylinder head or valve train componets because that's where most of the secrets are? What do you guys think? How do you turn that kinda of rpm's? I know the drce3 is raised cam and shorter pushrods etc...but don't know much more about them and know nothing of the Pro Stock hemi. And why is Ford not running Pro stock?

    I don't think anyone's cheating as the field is so tight now, just about
    anyone can win if they qualify...oh and it looks like WJ is coming on now


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