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Thread: exhaust popping

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    exhaust popping

    after a 1/4 run during deacceleration there's load exhaust popping that i'm wondering what that is caused from or be of any concern, 565ci single 1150 on muffs, glide

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    check your exhaust really close headers and mufflers for cracks and leaks. it sounds like a classic example of cool air being pulled into exhaust when get out of the gas...pulling in this cool air will cause a popping noice in your exhaust.

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    As was already said, Look for any leaks between header flanges and head. Any is not acceptable. Ceck where your primary tubes are welded to the collector and see if any leaks are there. It is not uncommon for this to leak from many of the main header companies like Hooker.

    Any exhaust leak can kill a valve and make it stick in the guides causing much much damage. At the least it will give you a slight miss on the cylinders leaking.

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    Make sure your carb is not open too far on the secondary. (square bore carb still has secondary throttle plate.)
    we had the same thing a few weeks ago.
    try closing the throttle plate a bit and get the idle right.

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