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Thread: Here we go Pro comp bbc head questions

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    Here we go Pro comp bbc head questions

    Hi ever one. From what i have read ever one thinks the procomp bbc heads are junk but i have seen a set and they look like a quality casting.

    I have read that the rocker stud holes are not good but if you run a stud girdle wont that tie all the studs?

    I see the deck is thin but i have seen people take a ton of meat off other heads and run them with lots of nos?

    I am thinking of running them on a stock (rebuilt)bottome end with a small comp cam 294/595 solid cam.

    I have run 8.0's @170 mph with all the best parts and now have lost everthing form my job to my house on the lake but i am on my way back. i will be running a old 80 camaro with 454 on junk parts for the next few years so i will put junk parts on to race. thanks for all the time and have a good turkey day. billyc

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    I personally sell them (i'm a procomp dealer),i have to agree that the castinos look good. I too agree and have said the deck is thin, but that should not be an issue unless you put a bunch of nitrous or blower on them.
    Some of the better engine builders and head porters have brought up issues with the valves and studs being out of location, i have not run across this issue on any set that i have sold that i know of.
    What has been said about the rocker studs have thin material under them. Tying them together with a stud gurdle will not correct this problem, but if you keep the valve spring pressue low that might not be an issue. I will say that the flow rates are inflated, and the ones listed are the fully CNC ported heads.
    I will not sell a set to someone who is running all out competition, but they are o'k in my opinion for the street or mild competition.



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    The problems I have heard about with the rocker stud locations were I think all with SB Heads.

    I am thinking that for the purpose he is stating, that the smaller ones would maybe work pretty decent.

    To save even more money if not spraying more than a 150 shot he could use either the FM Hypereutetic or the KB Hypereutetic pistons. too. I have giuys shooting 150 easily with those.

    A low budget and being in a low slump or not having money is nothing to be ashamed about. I spent most of my life this way. You do what you can do with what you have and try to not get your priorities of live mixed up like so many end up doing. You can live 1st and take care of your family if you have family 2nd or maybe that is a mixture of 1st and 2nd. and just as you can save a little, make deals here and there and you can still have fun with perofrmance cars.
    Not to be preaching but even a higher priority of life is to not forget God and to keep in touch with Him in the many things you do and in good times and in bad times. Seek him by just talking to him man to man. Your words as you would speak. He will hear an honest heart and a sincere man.

    It is possible to buld a rompin stompin 454 based engine without spending a ton of money.

    " Let all things that hath breath, praise the Lord. Praise Ye the Lord" Psalms 150 vs 6.

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    man ed that is sweet, I tell my kids not to just pray when things are
    bad but pray always and tell the lord how things are going for you.
    "for he knows what you want before you ask him" its a good thing
    they have a set of pro-comp heads along with others at the local
    speed shop and they do look good for cheap heads 8)

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    Thank you Guys

    Thanks to all. Has any one ever put the heads on a flow bench? I may have been misunderstood. I dont plan on running no2 but i was stating i have seen people cut a bunch off of other heads and run a ton of no2 with no problems.

    Let me thank you guys for your words of kindness. long story short I had a great job and lost it. went back to the same industry witha 50% cut in pay. lost our house on the lake ,cars and everthing. that was a year ago and now have a nice little house in the country no car payments and a great wife,4 kids and a $500 1980 camaro in a pole barn that i hope will hold the snow load LOL :!: . i picked up a 73 motor home with a 60,000mi 454 in it for a song.

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    Since you should have the desirable oval port castings on that core engine, my advice would be to do a mild rework of those castings. You won;t have much money in them, and, do not underestimate their potential. If you sneeze on them, they flow over 300 cfm on the intake. Put a 2.19 intake, and do a deep pocket port, and deep port match on the intake, remove the big rocker stuff bump on the intake, and they flow 315+. For what your doing, I can almost gaurentee you will run faster with them. Those heads just work. With extensive work, I have made nearly 800hp with a set of 049's, on a not even close to maxed out, very basic 496. Recently did a regualr hydraulic flat tappet 496 10:1 pump gas street engine, that made 622hp, and 605 ft/lbs, with a nicely done up, but not radical set of 781's. They work.

    Advanced Performance

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    I too love the 049 and the 781 oval open chamber heads, after a little work on them. Sure would be nice if they were done in aluminum. In my opinion it is the best street/strip head there is while comparing factory offerings including the bigger 990 and other rectangle ports. Those 781 and 049 ;s rock with 2.19 and 1.88 valves, little bowl or pocket work and raising the exhust a little and a little exhuast and intake smooting.

    I know the cast crank will handle over 600 hp and the steel crank can handle up to over 1,200 hp. The 3/8 rods with pressed pins with ARP bolts and side beam polishing with shot peening can handle a ton of power. The 7/16 with bushed floated pins can handle more.

    For a 550 hp to 650 hp budget engine, it would be hard to build any other engine for less money.

    Also you can buy Weiand Team G and Edlebrock Victor Jr on Ebay for those for very little. I like the Team G with the plenum divider spacer for street.

    " Let all things that hath breath, praise the Lord. Praise Ye the Lord" Psalms 150 vs 6.

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    I have taken the vavle covers off and it does have the 049's on it. I do have a set of 781's in the barn.

    I have run high 9's in a door car with the 049's and 2.19 valves and that little old 294 595 comp cam, torquer II intake.

    I hope it has a steel crank and the heavy duty rods.

    Thanks billc

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    Re: Thank you Guys

    Quote Originally Posted by cartwright454
    i picked up a 73 motor home with a 60,000mi 454 in it for a song.

    I may never get that stupid song you sang my out of my head
    But I will be real nice to have a friend to race with again
    Maybe next time I get the bottle out you’ll be there to tell me my
    Bottle pressure is a little high

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    Whats up JoeJoe? whats the matter you dont like having your street car leave on the back bumper and carry the wheels 150' before you realize it's not comming down? thanks again for the siding.

    Hey did you find anything out about your heads?

    Do you still have your valve crider and does clif still have his seat grinder? looks like from what everone is telling me i will be running the stock heads. I sure did not think the stock 049's would flow like that.

    seeya soon billyc

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