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Thread: which plug do I need?

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    which plug do I need?

    496 bbc, 13 to 1, 1050 dominator carb, 722 lift lunati solid roller, no NOS.
    The car runs like crap first couple passes missing and spurting, but gets better every time trial and eventually straightens out by the third time trial and never misses a beat there after, the car is currently running the ngk v power # 9's
    I'm thinking its too cold of a plug, what do ya"ll think?
    Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated.
    Its not my car but I do drive it and the wasted TT's are bugging the crap out of me.
    Thx in advance, Charles
    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    i know one thing for sure ..i run the same cam 722 lunati in my 67 camaro...and on alochol this weekend..i did a wheel stand peddled (2) x..still had a 1.32 60 ft...with a 5.98 et at 116 mph. at 3004 i know your cam is a good one .....

    the breaking up and clearing up as you say it did round after round points to plugs...
    i tell ya what Charles i ran a NKG #8 this past weekend and this was on Alcohol and did you could very well be too cold....

    or you flushed some trash thru your carb or something simliar to that..needle seat sticking,,then free's up ..uhmmmmm i just wonder.

    either way i think it will turn out to be an easy fix for you



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    I had a similar issue with my 434, the first run was usually slower. I also had an issue when the car gets cold it would stumble if I come up on the carb too fast. I went from 9's to 7's and it made a big difference. Part of my problem is I believe my heads don't work well at low RPM's. I am also going to try to go back to 110 rather than 112 or 114 fuel that I have been running as I am also running about 13 to 1.
    Mark Whitener

    Good work isn't cheap, and cheap work can't be good.

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    Thx Brian, and Mark
    I was leaning towards a 7 or 8.
    Your exactly right brian that cam is bad azz, in fact I went with the 722/722 lunati in my 496 for the 69 camaro.
    We went to a taller 31x10.5w tire this past weekend in Landons nova, and it et'ed the best it ever has running high 5.90s with a 136 to 138 short times.
    Granted the track we run is a tad short of a full 1/8 we still felt good about getting into the fives nonetheless, and man this thing toting the front wheels about 1 1/2 high almost past the sixty foot mark which it has never done.
    It was a blast to drive till it broke the welds off the right side ladder link bracket on the rearend housing in the third round of elim's, I almost lost
    Landons got it all welded up and ready to go and I'm gonna change the the oil, filter friday and switch out to the hotter plugs.
    Wish us luck and thx again, Charles
    ***IN GOD WE TRUST***

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    Hey Charles,
    They got a 3 day race at holly Springs this weekend, don't know for sure what the payout will be, but i'll bet it's better than Byhalia. If you go i might even see you there, i'm going back up to Ms. on Sat.


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